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Waterfowl migration expected

November 06, 2007 at 01:18 PM

Duck hunting has already been good through much of the North and Central zones. But the next few days could be even better based on reports out of the North Country.

A cold front that has dropped out of Canada and into the Dakotas has ducks on the move according to, which said today: “Reports from North Dakota stated waves of mallards were on the move throughout the state on November 5.”

The good news for Illinois waterfowlers is that the combination of north and northwest winds should push any migrating birds into Illinois instead of blowing birds west into Iowa and Missouri. In other words, the next week could be a great time to get out in the marsh and do some hunting.

The Illinois Natural History Survey will not fly aerial surveys of the Illinois and Mississippi rivers until next week due to the high winds the past two days.

Illinois Outdoors