New bill adds exemptions to OHV law

December 09, 2013 at 03:55 AM

Senate Bill 2633, sponsored by State Sen. David Koehler (D- Peoria), creates several exemptions to the Off-Highway Vehicle Usage Stamp law.

The $15 stamp is required of some off-highway vehicles and off-road motorcycles starting in April.

The fee will cover the same time period as hunting and fishing licenses.

The stamp requirement was part of a sustainable funding package for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources approved in 2012.

Proceeds from stamp sales will help DNR match more than $1 million in federal funds that are available for development of off-highway, motorized vehicle trails and facilities.

In addition to the exemptions, the bill would reduce the cost of the OHV stamp from $15 to $10 for youth-sized ATVs with engines 75cc and under.

New exemptions include:

• Standard golf carts

• OHVs operated on any property owned by the vehicle owner

• OHVs operated by a person with certain physical disabilities

• OHVs operated for any commercial businesses purpose

• OHVs operated at a commercial riding park

• OHVs already registered with the Secretary of State