Largemouth bass virus detected in Arizona

November 12, 2012 at 03:42 PM

PHOENIX (AP) — Arizona Game and Fish Department officials have confirmed the presence of largemouth bass virus in Lake Pleasant north of Phoenix.

Tests on largemouth bass tissue samples collected during a routine survey last month showed presence of the disease in some samples.

While the virus can affect largemouth bass, officials say it doesn’t pose a risk to people and pets and the water is safe for drinking and recreation.

Game and Fish hasn’t documented any fish kills at Lake Pleasant associated with largemouth bass virus to date.

The only prior fish health survey conducted at Lake Pleasant was in 2002 and largemouth bass virus wasn’t detected then.

Authorities say the virus most likely entered the lake’s fishery within the past decade.

The virus has been found in 18 states since 1991.

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