Central Illinois fishing report for Aug. 4

August 04, 2012 at 07:07 AM

What’s biting

The heat has actually helped the fishing in some area spots. “Look for shallower lakes, the ones around 25 feet of water or so,” said one expert. “I talked to a biologist who said those lakes are warmer because of the prolonged heat, and because they are shallower, there are no cool spots for fish to go to. And when fish are in warm conditions, their metabolism speeds up and they have to feed more.”
Around the area

At Snakeden Hollow, fishing hauls are at a fever pitch. Bluegills are excellent, hitting wax worms and dew worms. Catfish are hitting like crazy. “The bass fishers are griping about the catfish there because they keep catching catfish,” said one area expert. “I had a lady who weighed about 90 pounds come in with a catfish that weighed 19. Must have been a great battle.”

On Lake McMaster, walleye are excellent, hitting leeches, worms and minnows. And one guide said he took a client out Sunday to a nearby private lake and hauled in 132 bluegill on a dozen worms. In four hours Thursday, four Peorians caught 71/2 pounds of fileted bluegill using poppers near the shore.

On the Illinois River, anglers are hauling in a lot of catfish, using Sonny’s Dip Bait in particular.
At Banner Marsh and area strip mines, bass and catfish are hitting strong. No significant action from bluegill or crappie, and not a lot of anglers are out there.

Clinton Lake has lots to offer this week, with big yields from largemouth bass using crank bait, spinner bait and plastic worms. Large number of crappie hitting jigs. Catfish are in the 3-5 pound range but are also hitting in large numbers.

Bass (on plastics and jigs) and bluegill (on wax worms) producing fair yields on Lake Dawson. Crappie are slow, but responding to minnows. Catfish hitting well on liver and dip baits.

Powerton Lake State Fish and Wildlife Area will be closed Monday through Wednesday for scheduled levee maintenance and repairs. No public access will be allowed over those three days. Powerton Lake will re-open to the public at 6 a.m. Thursday.
Tip of the week

From larrysfishinghole.com: Mark or remember any spots you catch fish and stay mobile. Move around to increase your odds of finding and catching fish.