Central Illinois fishing report for July 20

July 20, 2012 at 05:53 PM

What’s biting

The heat continues to beat down fishing in many places around the area. Said one area bait shop expert: “I had a guy come in off his boat the other day saying the water was so hot it was unbelievable.”

Around the area

Banner Marsh remains slow right now because of heat, with few anglers populating the area.

Clinton Lake is holding up well under the high heat this week, with a strong yield of catfish around the bridges. They are hitting stink bait, shad and nightcrawlers. Modest amount of white bass and some crappie caught as well.

There are some nice-sized catfish hitting in the Mackinaw River, near I-155, in areas around stumps.

Along the Illinois River in Pekin, near the dams, catfish are hitting well on shrimp, shiners and chub. A few walleye being caught, but overall action is slow.

Tip of the week

From larrysfishinghole.com: The key this time of year is finding the bass.

Look for drop-offs and slopes with structure out in the lake such as humps and ends or points.

Once you find the fish and their depth, a deep-running crankbait is a good choice.

So the trick is to know how deep your crankbaits will run.

Remember, always cast past the area you plan to fish so the crankbait will have time to reach the strike zone instead of passing it up.