Fish habitat work day planned for Lake Shelbyville

March 03, 2012 at 09:01 AM

The Annual Fish Habitat Improvement Project at Lake Shelbyville will be held Saturday, March 10.

Volunteers are needed to help bundle donated Christmas trees, assemble new artificial fish attractors and help place all of the fish attractors in the lake. 

This year 160 artificial fish attractors were purchased to supplement the donated Christmas trees. 

Due to their size of the artificial fish attractors they will need to be assembled on site. 

Volunteers should meet at the Coal Shaft Bridge Boat Ramp at 9 a.m.

Parking is limited, therefore, volunteers with boats can park in the boat ramp parking lot, other volunteers please park along the county road in a safe manner
There was a shortage of boats at last year’s work day, which slowed down placement of the structures.

Volunteers are asked to bring pontoon boats as well as jon boats. 

The artificial attractors are approximately 5 feet in diameter and are more easily transported on a pontoon boat. 

If you have a boat available, contact Park Ranger Ken Pierson at (217) 774-3951, ext. 7015 for planning purposes.

Volunteers will be bundling the donated Christmas trees together in small groups and then the trees will be taken out by boat and submerged in the lake at select locations. 

The attractors that will be put in place during this work day will provide fish with breeding areas and escape cover. 

Fish then will have a better chance to reach maturity and provide a resource for anglers. 

The trees are added to select sites each year to maintain suitable cover. 

The Lake Shelbyville U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will be providing lunch for the volunteers after the work is completed. 

All volunteers will receive maps detailing where the trees and artificial attractors were placed for later fishing reference. 

Maps will not be supplied to the general public.

The backup date for this project is Saturday, March 17.

For more information call Natural Resources Specialist Ken Pierson at (217) 774-3951 ext. 7015 or Fish Biologist Mike Mounce at (217) 345-2420.