Illinois hunting and fishing

Ron Stevens is president of Lure Parts Online. Photos by Chris Young.

Illinois company in midst of Alabama Rig feeding frenzy

January 15, 2012 at 06:27 PM

Ron Stevens is in the middle of a literal feeding frenzy right now.

Stevens is president of Lure Parts Online, a Springfield company that sells components needed to make fishing lures to 25,000 customers in 55 countries.

Right now the fishing world is hooked on the Alabama Rig, a five-lure set-up that is the hottest thing in fishing.

“It has been really going crazy for two to three months,” Stevens said. “A guy won a tournament with (the Alabama Rig) last fall and it just exploded.”

The Alabama Rig gives the appearance of a whole school of swimming baitfish.

Illinois hunting and fishing

The official design starts with a lead lure “head” with five wires emanating out, each with a swivel and lead jig combined with a plastic worm or other lure.

YouTube videos show happy anglers reeling in multiple fish at once.

Stevens said it is a challenge just to keep enough parts in stock.

“Everybody is trying to make them in their basement and in their garages,” he said. “We have these guys call us and say, ‘I’m making 100 a day and I need the parts.’”

Stevens said he’s never seen anything like the Alabama Rig craze.

“If we could keep the parts in stock, I could sell thousands,” he said. “The wires, we could sell thousands of those, too. If we could sell the head, there’s no telling how many of those we could sell.”

Lure Parts Online is the retail companion business to Cast Industries, Inc., a company that manufacturers cast metal lure parts like jigs.

Stevens said the retail business sells parts manufactured by Cast Industries and other vendors.

A complete original Alabama Rig, manufactured by Mann’s Bait Company, can cost up to $40.

Mann’s has exclusive license to make and sell the Alabama Rig, and Stevens said he is expecting a shipment of complete rigs to sell next week.

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