Illinois hunting and fishing

A Canada goose with a pop-top caught on its bill and around its tongue. Photo courtesy of Randy Cooke.

Properly dispose of trash that could injure wildlife

December 23, 2011 at 05:21 PM

The president of the Sangchris Waterfowlers has a message for those who hunt, fish, camp or picnic at public sites like Sangchris Lake State Fish and Wildlife Area.

Take care to properly dispose of trash that could injure wildlife.

Plastic six-pack rings, pop-tops and old fishing line can injure or kill.

“Jeff Schlenther harvested this goose today with a pop top off a can caught around its bill,” said Randy Cooke. “It was also around the tongue so I am sure eating and drinking was a chore to say the least.”

Cooke said the goose was killed Dec. 20.

“Its kind of disturbing thinking how cruel and pain full this probably was to this goose,” Cooke said. “This bird was harvested by a true sportsman and very ethical hunter. In no way would he ever want to torture an animal like this little harmless piece of metal did.

“This pop top had to have been laying in the water for (a long time) before this goose picked it up while feeding in shallow water.”

Cooke said in an e-mail that he wanted to share the photo and the message that goes with it.

“If you bring it with you, take it back with you,” he said. “Put it in the trash, not the lake.”