Tiny Armstrong has big impact on youth archery

March 25, 2011 at 07:31 AM

The town of Armstrong, Illinois has a population of only 165 people.

But the small community northeast of Champaign boasts two top-flight youth archery teams.

It’s high school and grade school squads both placed in the top three at the National Archery in the Schools Illinois State Championship held March 18 at the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield.

Armstrong High School took first place with a total team score of 3,299.

Lewiston High School was second with 3,174 and Armstrong-Ellis Grade School was third with 3,174.

Armstrong-Ellis Grade School’s winning score in the group 7th to 8th grade final was good enough to take third place overall.

Athens High School was third in the group 9th to 12th grade final with 3,121.

Lauren Hawker of Armstrong High School had the meet’s top score, with 290 out of 300 points possible.

She was the top scoring female.

Chris Ogburn, also of Armstrong High, scored 288 to take the top score among the boys.

Mary Miller Elementary School of Georgetown took first place amongst the youngest archers in fourth through sixth grades with a score of 2,477.

The top 12 archers for each school count towards the team score.