Canada announces charges against Foiles

January 31, 2011 at 05:02 PM

Environment Canada today said 12 charges have been levied against Jeffrey Foiles, a well-known waterfowl guide, call maker and producer of hunting videos from Pleasant Hill.

Foiles pleaded not guilty to a 23-count indictment in Federal court Jan. 27 in Springfield.

The charges brought by the Canadian government are in addition to those he faces in the United States.

They relate to alleged violations of Canadian hunting and criminal laws that occurred from 2003 – 2007.

According to a release from the Canadian government, 10 charges were for alleged violations of international laws governing migratory birds and two were filed as possible violations of the criminal code.

Following his Jan. 27 court appearance in Springfield, Foiles received a summons to appear in Edmonton, Alberta on April 5, the same day his trial is scheduled to start in the United States.

Charges in Canada include:

• Causing unnecessary pain and suffering to a bird contrary to the criminal code
• Taking over the daily bag limit of geese
• Taking over the daily bag limit of ducks
• Continuing to hunt after daily bag limit is reached
• Hunting from a moving boat or boat under power
• Failing to immediately retrieve a migratory game bird
• Failing, after retrieving a migratory game bird, to immediately kill the bird


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