Dog shot with arrow finds new home

December 23, 2010 at 12:22 PM

ALTON—A Sheltie dog whose life was in peril after being found shot with an arrow in southwestern Illinois has survived. And she now has a home.

The (Alton) Telegraph reports that the pooch named Shelby has been adopted by Jeffrey Bray and his family in Chesterfield, Mo., less than two weeks after the dog was found in Madison County with an arrow protruding from her.

Emergency surgery saved the dog’s life, and the dog’s predicament caught the attention of Bray, an anesthesiologist at a St. Louis hospital.

The Brays adopted the dog, having lost their 14-year-old Siberian husky last Christmas.

Chicago White Sox pitcher Mark Buerhle of St. Charles, Mo., has volunteered to pay Shelby’s veterinary bills, which reached almost $3,000.

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