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Kiernan arrows Illinois record NT buck

February 09, 2010 at 07:30 AM

Illinois’ top non-typicals

1. 304 3/8 Jerry Bryant, 2001, Fulton Co., crossbow

2. 295 3/8 Scott Dexter, 2004, McDonough Co., muzzleloader

3. 268 1/8 Chris Kiernan, 2009, Kendall Co., bow

4. 267 3/8 Richard Pauli, 1983, Peoria Co., shotgun

5. 267 1/8 David Jones, 2003, Mason Co., bow

6. 258 6/8 Ernie Hires, 1994, Edgar Co., shotgun


Illinois has an unofficial new record buck.

Prairie State has confirmed that the impressive 37-point Kendall County buck shot by Chris Kiernan of Morris (pictured above) on Nov. 1 netted 268 1/8 inches. That is 1 inch larger than Dave Jones’ current Illinois record non-typical bowkill of 267 1/8 inches for a 36-point Mason County buck shot on Nov. 5 of 2003.

On Jan. 3 the buck was measured by Jeff Pals of Crete, an official Pope and Young measurer, after the mandatory 60-day drying period had ended.

Kiernan’s record won’t be official, however, until after the buck is measured by a panel of measurers. And that could take awhile. The Pope and Young Club will have its next panel scoring session in 2011 in Rochester, Minn. The Boone and Crockett Club will panel score this summer, but the deadline for entries was Dec. 31. The next B&C panel is 2013. So the earliest Kiernan’s deer could be scored by a panel would be 2011 and by Pope and Young. 

The story of Kiernan’s hunt will be featured in the July issue of North American Whitetail magazine.

Dale Bowman of the Chicago Sun-Times also has an account of Kiernan’s hunt. Click here to read that story.

Illinois hunting and fishing

Illinois hunting and fishing

Illinois hunting and fishing

Illinois hunting and fishing

While not yet official, there’s no question Kiernan’s buck is a monster. Many have commented that this deer has everything you could want in a non-typical. Mass. A wide spread. Symmetry (in a relative sense). And some cool non-typical points.

Kiernan shot his buck on Nov. 1, hunting not far from his hometown of Morris. Illinois hunting and fishingThe buck had 20 scorable points on the right side and 17 scorable points on the left.

He had seen the buck one year earlier and was at full draw with the buck at 40 yards, but opted not to shoot. He saw the buck while hunting again last Oct. 15 and then backed out, waiting until the rut to return to the woodlot where he eventually shot the bruiser.

Kiernan will be bringing the record buck to the Illinois Deer & Turkey Classic (Feb. 26-28) in Bloomington. Taxidermy was done by Chad Johnson of Johnson’s Brookview Taxidermy in Abingdon. Johnson said the buck will be placed on a temporary pedestal. Kiernan will attend the show as part of the Elite Archery booth.

Jones (pictured below) also brought his 36-point buck to the Classic back in 2003.

And there are similarities between the two stories.

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