Ice fishing heating up

January 03, 2010 at 11:58 PM

The heavy rains just prior to Christmas caused a heavy runoff of water that deteriorated ice on ponds and lakes. The temperatures began dropping Christmas day and rain turned to snow.

The New Year has begun with extremely cold temperatures and ice is again thickening on ponds and lakes. Field tiles are still running pretty hard getting rid of water from saturated fields and has kept streams open. Snow that fell on deteriorating ice formed an insulating blanket and slowed down new ice formation.

Fishermen have been cautiously returning to the ice. The past couple nights of zero temperatures and daytime highs in the single-to-low teens have frozen most ponds to safe thickness but caution should still be used on larger lakes.

Anyone spending any time outdoors in this extreme cold needs to take extra precaution on dressing warmly.  It doesn’t take long for exposed skin to get frostbite when it’s this cold.

You may have a vehicle with a good heater and think you don’t need any really warm clothing but if you break down along the road you should have some extra warm clothing and boots with you in case it’s needed.