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Tales from the Timber: World Slam

May 19, 2009 at 10:05 PM

Steve Bryan had a turkey season to remember.

In 53 days the Germantown Hills hunter successfully completed a World Bow Slam, capping his turkey season on May 12 in Mexico.

Bryan harvested an ocellated turkey in the jungles of the Yucatan, about 3.5 hours southeast of Campeche.

We will have a more in-depth story on his hunt in the near future. Until then, here is his account of the hunt.

It was quite an adventure in the jungle camp with six Mexican guides, cooks etc…that not a one of them spoke English!  And I don’t speak any Spanish! Lots of hand signals and miming to try and communicate.

No other hunters in camp besides me! One generator that powered 2 lights bulbs to cook by after dark; no refrigerator, running water, freezer, toilet, or shower. There was one cooler with a block of ice in it to “refrigerate” the camp meat. There was no room for bottled water or soda so drinks were “air temperature”! For the hunt, they would very conservatively shave some ice off the block in the large cooler and put into a small cooler with drinks…just enough that when it melted there was a couple of inches of water for the drinks to “cool” in. Eggs, cheese and sausage were not kept in cooler.

We had no cell phone service or two way radios in camp. It took three hours by vehicle to get back into cell service area. Absolutely no contact with civilization in camp!

Temperatures during the day when I was there according to Weather Channel were in excess of 100 degrees, humid, little to no breeze in the jungle: flies, ticks, and biting insects if you left your mosquito netted sleeping tent.

I arrived in camp on Monday, shot my bird Tuesday evening, packed up camp Wednesday morning, and headed back to Campeche Wednesday afternoon.  So 2 nights and 3 days in the jungle…plenty for me and I decided no shoot a second bird…I was ready to get back to civilization: English, running water, toilet, hot water, shower, cold drinks, and ice! But what an experience and I’m really glad I did it!