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The state of peregrines in Illinois

March 26, 2008 at 09:16 PM
This update is courtesy of IBET, the Illinois Birders Exchanging Thoughts e-mail exchange.

Here is an update on the status of known peregrine falcon nests in Illinois (some in nearby Wisconsin and Indiana) heading into the 2008 nesting season.

Writes Hennen:

“Courtship has been going on for the last few weeks. Lots of activity, lots of peregrine sightings.

I wanted to let everyone on IBET know the latest about our Illinois peregrines and ask for your assistance. Illinois has a number of peregrine territories that while we know birds are in the area, we do not know the exact location of the eyrie. It would be great if people can let me know the address of any peregrine sighting.  Photos are also greatly appreciated for documentation.

If you wish to report any sightings, or you have any questions,  I can be reached at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Please keep in mind, it’s best to observe from a distance. Some buildings/locations are not open to the public (such as the Uptown theater) but the birds can be seen from the street level. Also, I would request that you do not approach any building managers about the birds.  Please leave that to me.

Illinois peregrine nest list Eyrie Location Known

1. Wacker
2007 – 2 young fledged.  Male ID confirmed as Etienne b/b 7/6 (Etobicoke, Canada 2002) and the female is Rahn b/g 01/A (Sheboygan WI 2001).
Unfortunately in January Etienne died.  As of this past week, 2 birds have been seen flying around the building and one sighting on the ledge.
Illinois Outdoors

2.  Broadway
2007 – 3 young fledged.  The adults:  Auntie Em 5/*P (b/g 1999 Milwaukee, WI) and Tracy *P/M (b/g 1997 IL - Broadway).

3. Prison Birds
2007- 2 young fledged.  Adults:  female Hercules *D/W (b/r 1997 Minneapolis MN) and male Emily 5/*E (b/g 2000 Milwaukee WI).

4. Uptown Theatre
2007 – 3 young fledged.  Adults: male is G/G (b/g 2001 Wheatfield, IN) and the female is Zoom *4/H (1997 St. Paul. MN).

5. Waukegan
2007 – 3 young fledged.  Adults:  male b/g and female Fran 5/*X (b/g 1999 Milwaukee, WI).
Webcam is active ( and birds have been seen in and out of box. No eggs as of 3/18/08.

6. Pilson Park
2007 – 2 young fledged, one survived.  Adults: female Bryanne, b/g 9/*Y (Froedtert Malt Milwaukee in 2000 and male b/g L/N (Broadway, Chicago, 2000).
Birds present. No eggs as of 3/17/08.

7. Evanston Library
2007 – 4 young fledged.  Adults: male Squawker b/g 48/M (Pleasant Prairie WI 2003) and female 64/D b/g (Cedar Rapids IA, 2004).
Webcam is active ( and while birds are active, no eggs of 3/18/08.

8. St. Michael’s Old Town
2007 – No successful nesting.  The original female Kelliwatt b/g 60/D (Aberdeen OH 2004) laid one egg.  Second female present Ballistic b/g 69/C (Cleveland OH 2005). Male was Hops 58/M (b/g 2003 Milwaukee WI).
Pair present March 2008.

9. UIC
2007 – 3 fledged, 2 survived.  Adults: an unbanded male and female Rosie *6/D (b/r 1997 Milwaukee, WI).
3/12/08 Third peregrine present at site was seen on ground and later on ledge.  He died later that day (Perry, b/g 65/M, Milwaukee WI 2003).  Pair present the same day.

10. Lakeview
2007 Adult birds present in April & May.

11. Lawndale
2007. Birds present.  2006 adult id male Dave 14/K (b/g 2001 Chicago, Il) and female Nitz 2/*Y (b/g 2001 Milwaukee, WI).

12. Hyde Park
2007 - Only 1 peregrine seen at a time, id on the bird present on 5/29/07 was of Magnolia blk 22R (91, WI) who has been in Hyde Park for 14 years.  2 nest boxes are available.
In March 2008, pair seen copulating on Pick Hall at Univ of Chicago.  One of the nest boxes is on Pick.

13.  Fermilab, Batavia IL
New Site for 2007. Adults: female is Neomi Jo b/r P/*L (Trimble Co. Kty 2006) and male Joe b/g D/11 (Broadway Bldg Chicago 2005.)  Nest boxes were erected for the 2008 season.

14. Field Museum - Chicago, IL
New site for 2007.  Adults: male is unbanded and the female had been identified as far as b/g 73/??.  Currently a pair is going into the ledge corners on the north side of the building.  This site is inaccessible for both banding and seeing into the nest.

15. McCook, IL
New site for 2007 – fledged 3 young.  A pair of adult peregrines (one confirmed banded though no id) were observed in June 2007 near the quarry in McCook.

16. Marseilles, IL
Exelon LaSalle County Generating Station.  Single bird observed during winter 2005.  Pair in 2006 laid 2 eggs which did not hatch.  Adult female identified as Carrie b/g 76/B (Broadway Chicago IL 2003).  We’re still checking on details for 2007 and current season.

Peregrine Territories / Eyrie Location Unknown

17. Lake Calumet / Skyway
Location of eyrie not known.  In 2007, one unbanded immature was picked up by Animal Control on 6/19 but it died during the night.

18. River Birds
Peregrines reported in the neighborhood of Michigan and Wacker.  2 adults have been observed on various buildings including; the Prudential building, the Jewellers bldg, and Mather Tower.

19. Bloomington, IL
Wintering site.  Single bird over winters but no sign of birds during breeding season.  A nest box is present.

20. Belmont & LSD
During 2006/2007 a pair of peregrines began using the ledges of a building near Belmont and Lake Shore Drive.  The female that identified at the site move to St. Michael’s.  No observations were made during the winter of 2007/2008.  It would be good to keep an eye on this site.

21. Peoria, IL
No current activity.  Mature male and immature female seen during winter or 2005/2006.  Nest box installed during this time period as well.

22. Loyola Campus, Chicago
Juvenile peregrine sighted on Jesuit residence on 5/9/07.  Also seen on Mundelein looking over Sheridan Road.  Because of the date, it was too early for a fledged bird so it must have been a one-year old bird.

23. Highland Park, IL
Over the past few years, peregrines have been sighted periodically in the area.  A juvenile peregrine was sighted in June 2007.

24. Moody Institute on LaSalle
Over the past 2 years, peregrines seen in the neighborhood.  This site is close to the St. Michael’s site though observers do not believe it to be the St. Mike’s birds.

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Pretty cool article…

I had no idea peregrine falcons had a presence in downtown Chicago. With the high lofts as vantage points, and more than enough pigeons, I guess it all makes sense.

Several weeks ago I took a walk out to Diversey Harbor to check out the ice conditions and noticed an unfamiliar bird feeding on a fish carcass. I remember it having a grayish colored head and white body, and I had no idea what it was. After reading this article, I’m guessing it was probably a peregrine falcon. I wish I could have gotten a close up picture of it, but with my little 5 megapx camera with limited zoom, I couldn’t.

I’ll keep an eye out next time though.

Posted by Jon on 03/28 at 09:36 AM

I have seen a pair on the old chain of rocks bridge north of st. louis.  Part of their diet consists of pigeons.  If you walk across that bridge, you will see pigeon parts on the concrete.  Pretty cool.

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 03/28 at 10:20 AM

I think I had a peregrine falcon checking my birdbath out yesterday.  I just happened to glance out the window and there’s this giant bird standing on my air conditioner then jumps onto the ground and walks into the shrubs.  Lost sight of him after 10 minutes.  I’ll have to keep an eye out and see if he comes back.
Park forest, IL. 11/04/2009

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 11/05 at 03:05 PM

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