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Illinois hunting and fishing

Fishing guide Thad Hinshaw hoists a muskie netted Thursday at Evergreen Lake that was just under 48 inches long and weighed more than 40 pounds.

State record muskie ... netted

April 08, 2010 at 06:45 PM

While it’s not nearly as exciting as an actual state record, Evergreen Lake did produce a record-class muskie today during annual spring trap-net surveys.

One of biologist Mike Garthaus’ nets held a 51-inch muskie that weighed close to 37 pounds. Fishing guide Thad Hinshaw (pictured above and below) hoists the fish. Hinshaw volunteered to help Garthaus and Evergreen Lake staff lift the nets, which were bulging on this day.

Illinois hunting and fishing

But the most impressive toothy critter was just shy of 48 inches and weighed slightly more than 40 pounds according to Mike Steffa, who oversees the lake and Comlara Park.

That’s larger than the 38-pound, 8-ounce, 50 3/4-inch muskie Matt Carmean (pictured below) caught on April 20, 2002 in the spillway below Lake Shelbyville. Click here to read Carmean’s story.

Illinois hunting and fishing

Overall 109 muskies and 89 saugeye were collected. The largest saugeye was just over 8 pounds. Trap netting continues Friday at Evergreen.

Evergreen has produced record fish numerous times before during the spring trap-net surveys and holds the current state record saugeye, a 9-pound, 10-ounce chunk Dan Murphy caught on Dec. 7, 2001.

Now the challenge facing anglers is to hook into one of the big muskie that call Evergreen home.

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why do they got to hold the muskys up for pictures during a netting survey, the second pic looks like the fish is about to die.. they just need to do the surveys, get the info and stop taking pics to lie to there clientel about.

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 04/08 at 07:12 PM

Buckraiser, your are talking about something you know nothing about, first the biologist put the fish’s well being above any other, he is highly trained and underpaid, Thad, doesn’t lie about the fish he catch’s, he doesn’t have to, and he volunteers his time alot.  how many hours have you put in for free to further habitat…. and really the fish “looks like it’s about to die” you must be really educated to make that statement from a picture.

the fish are pulled from the net, data collected, photo shot and the put in the water to observe as they are released…....

this research is why we have the fisheries we do in Illinois, i am sure all involved would rather you just say thank you and keep the uneducated comments to yourself.

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 04/09 at 08:40 AM

I have to agree with Buckraiser.  It seems silly to me even to keep it out of the water for any amount of time to take pictures.  Yes I believe these guys know what they are doing but why do some states/waters require/advocate not taking the fish out of the water if it is to be released.  Not being a biologist it still seems to me there is a reason for the rule of releasing the fish in the water if possible.

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 04/09 at 08:58 AM

Having been on numerous netting surveys, I can tell you being held up for a picture is probably the least rigorous thing the fish goes through. But I can tell you also those fish are kept on oxygen while in the boat prior to measuring.

Just curious how you would propose biologists determine the relative health of lakes if not by netting surveys?

Posted by Jeff Lampe on 04/09 at 11:42 AM

I job shadowed Wayne Herndon from the hatchery in Manito.  We collected the fish at Spring Lake and then took them back to the hatchery. Like Jeff said the simple little picture is the easiest and less stressful thing those fish go through that whole day.  I think its great that he puts his time in and volunteers need more people like that.

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 04/09 at 02:30 PM

it’s tough there is hardly a budget in for any of this anymore thanks to our state fabulous leaders…....hope you laughing, that was a joke

Mike Garthaus is the best thing for Illinois fish since the creation of water. we would all be fishing for puney little 12” bass in every lake if it were for his efforts on public water and guys like Nater Herman on private waters. 

what guys like this need is support not ridicule
they are the solution not the problem.

and for central Illinois guides, they do it because they love it, none are getting rich from it, most are giving back far more to the sport than they take.  A big thank you to all these guys so when i do get a chance to go fishing there is something there wurth going for.

if most of us had to work the hours of our biologists and Con. Police for the money they make we would be looking for other work…..

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 04/09 at 03:09 PM

no offense,But one pic on land other facing over much for a quick release.hinshaw has an alterior motive,why not let the biologist hold the fish?sure we will see this pic again.kinda like saying they dont fish for musky after the water hits 80 degree but 79 is ok…major difference i am sure.and yes i musky fish alot at evergreen,its more of an

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 04/10 at 12:37 AM

Hell, I’ll hold the damn fish next time…but I may scare the readers since I’m butt ugly. Thad seems to be donating some of his time and effort to the betterment of Muskie fishing.  How can this be a “bad thing”.  What have we done to help our sport out?  Not sure I can hold a 40# fish these days..took all my energy to get a 39"r in the boat yesterday at Spring Lake. Looks like I need to take a trip to Evergreen..

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 04/10 at 09:23 AM

Here is to the naysayers.  I was there.  I took the pictures!  I asked Thad to hold the fish to take the pictures.  Thad DID NOT know I was going to send these to Mr. Lampe, so he had no alterior motives!  These fish were kept out of the water for no longer than 30 seconds.  Keep in mind these fish are kept in oxygenated water from the lake, and the air temperature that day was in the low 50’s.  Both of these pictures are taken in a boat, although one looks like it was taken on the shoreline. And yes, Thad does volunteer his time to help at the park.  And yes THANK YOU Mike Garthaus for all you do for the fishermen in central Illinois!!!!

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 04/10 at 10:38 PM

I say “Kudos to Thad Hinshaw” for helping with the survey. Does he have a “special interest” in Evergreen Lake? Duh! That still doesn’t take anything away from the fact that he was there to lend a hand when needed.

If you fish Evergreen, you should thank Mike Garthaus and Mike Steffa. I have in person. And I’m glad to again here.

Thank you gentlemen!

Posted by carpsniper on 04/16 at 07:53 AM

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