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Ohio fishing report 7-8-09

July 08, 2009 at 03:57 PM


Knox Lake (Knox County) — Largemouth bass are the most popular game fish in this lake. Fishing with tubes, crank baits and spinner baits around shoreline cover can be very productive this time of year. Largemouth bass must be 18 inches or longer to keep. Crappie are still being caught in 9-10 feet of water in the old creek channel and next to deep wood. Channel catfish are being caught using cut shad and shrimp.

Licking River (Licking County) — This river east of Columbus provides fishing opportunities for flathead catfish, channel catfish, carp, and smallmouth. Use live bait for flathead catfish in pools around woody cover. Cut bait and night crawlers fished on the bottom can be effective for catching channel catfish. Carp can be caught throughout the river using prepared baits. For smallmouth bass use jigs, baits that imitate crawfish, or tube baits, fish areas with moving water around rocks and other cover.

Maumee River (Defiance County) — Catfish are being taken day and night by still fishing chubs or shad. The base of Independence Dam is the best spot.

Auglaize River (Defiance County) — Good catches of crappie are being reported at the base of the power dam. Fishing minnows under a slip bobber in the mornings is working the best.

Oxbow Lake (Defiance County) — Bluegill and yellow perch are being caught anywhere in the lake. Mornings are best. Fishing minnows or red worms under a slip bobber is working well.

Nimisila Reservoir (Summit County) — Anglers are catching largemouth bass at night while fishing with top water baits such as frog imitations. The best place is near the campground and in the weedy areas and lily pads. Electrofishing surveys by Division of Wildlife produced good results on bass populations and sizes. Channel catfish are also biting at night. Stink baits, shrimp, or cheese produce good results.

Lake Milton (Mahoning County) — Lake Milton is an excellent fishery for largemouth bass, white bass, channel catfish, and muskellunge. Electrofishing surveys conducted by Division of Wildlife fish management staff produced good results for smallmouth, crappie, and walleye as well.

Great Miami River and Twin Creek (Montgomery and Warren counties) — Rock bass and smallmouth bass are being caught by anglers using small crawfish colored crank baits or watermelon or pumpkinseed colored tubes or twister tails. Cast into the areas below the riffles allowing the bait to drift with the current.

Flathead catfish are being caught in the Great Miami River near the Miamisburg and West Carrollton areas. Use large chubs, suckers, or goldfish as bait and fish the bait across shallow gravel or sand flat areas. Fishing has been productive a little before dark and up to a few hours after. Fishing has been good near the old spillway in West Carrollton. Saugeye are being caught by anglers using three to five feet deep jerk baits. The best time to fish is right after dark. Channel catfish are being caught by anglers using night crawlers and chubs. Fish the bait on the bottom in the deeper pools or with live baits let the bait drift into the riffles and then into the deeper holes where the water is about three to five feet deep.

Loramie Lake (Shelby County) — Channel and bullhead catfish are being caught by anglers using chicken livers, cut bait, shrimp, and earthworms as bait. Cast from the shoreline and into areas with deep slow moving pools or into channels. Fish the bait under a bobber, keeping the bait between three to six feet deep. Anglers are catching largemouth bass using crank baits, spinner baits, small top-water lures, or surface lures. Keep the bait about four to six feet deep and along the rocky bottom areas near woody debris. Successful anglers are using the Rapala floating minnow lure.

Grand Lake St. Marys (Auglaize & Mercer counties) — Channel catfish are being caught using shrimp, cut shad and night crawlers on bottom. Fish off the rocks along the east and south bank shorelines. Anglers are also catching bluegill on wax worms and small jigs near the handicap accessible pool on the east bank. Crappie fishing has slowed down a bit but a few nice sized fish are being taken by successful anglers. Try using small jigs with plastic bodies in 12 to 14 inches of water around submerged brush and rocky areas. Walleye are being caught in the spillway.

Hocking River (Athens and Hocking counties) — Anglers have been catching smallmouth bass in the river from Enterprise to Nelsonville and at White

Piedmont Lake (Belmont County) — Nice catches of bluegill are still being caught in the seven to nine-inch range by anglers fishing along the shore in four to five feet of water in the upper reaches of coves. Larval baits such as wax worms, mealworms, and red worms are the preferred baits. Channel catfish anglers should try fishing night crawlers using tight-line techniques in the shallow coves of the lake. Channel catfish are being caught using night crawlers and chicken livers.

Seneca Lake (Guernsey and Noble counties) — Saugeye angling success has improved this week with catches running in the 15 to 19-inch range. Most saugeye are being caught on twister jigs tipped with a night crawler and fished on a slow retrieve along the bottom. Saugeye are being caught around the upper island and in Cadillac Bay.Channel catfish anglers are having good success fishing from the shore at access points along state Route 313. Most catfish anglers are using night crawlers and chicken livers for bait.

— The walleye bag limit is 6 fish per day. The minimum size limit for walleye is 15 inches.

— The daily bag limit for Lake Erie yellow perch is 25 fish per angler in waters west of the Huron pier. The limit will remain at 30 fish per angler in Ohio waters from Huron eastward. Any boats landing west of Huron, Ohio will be subject to the 25 fish daily bag limit, while boats landing at Huron or points east will be subject to a 30 fish daily bag limit. Shore-based anglers west of the Huron pier will be subject to a 25 fish daily bag limit, while those on the pier and eastward will remain at 30 fish daily.

— The daily bag limit for Lake Erie black bass (largemouth and smallmouth) is 5 fish per angler. The minimum size limit is 14 inches.

—Through August 31 the steelhead daily bag limit is 5 fish. The minimum size limit for steelhead is 12 inches.\

Western Basin — Walleye fishing was slow in most of the western basin during the week of June 29; however, fishing has improved around the Toledo shipping channel. The best fishing was from 5 miles west and northwest of West Sister Island to the turnaround buoy of the Toledo shipping channel. Drifters are using bottom bouncers with worm harnesses or are casting mayfly rigs. Trollers were catching fish on worm harnesses fished with inline weights or bottom bouncers, and on spoons fished with dipsy divers or jet divers.

Yellow perch fishing has been best south of Green Island and around Kelleys Island. Perch spreaders or crappie rigs with shiners fished near the bottom produce the most fish.

Central Basin — Walleye fishing has been good in 66 to 67 feet northwest off Wildwood State Park, 72 to 74 feet northeast and northwest off Fairport, and in 72 to 74 feet northwest off Geneva. Trollers are using green, yellow jacket, orange, silver, and purple worm harnesses, crank baits, stick baits, and spoons off jet divers, dipsy divers and planer boards. Anglers are fishing down 30 to 50 feet. The best times are in the evening and early morning.

Yellow perch fishing has been good in 40 to 50 feet northwest off Edgewater State Park, in 41 to 46 feet northwest off Chagrin River, and in 58 to 70 feet north off Ashtabula and Conneaut. Perch spreaders with shiners fished near the bottom produce the most fish.

Steelhead are being caught by anglers trolling for walleye. The best location has been northeast and northwest of Fairport in 72 to 74 feet. See the walleye section for trolling details.

Based on the nearshore marine forecast the water temperature is 70 off of Toledo and 69 off of Cleveland.

Ohio River (Adams County) — Channel catfish and flathead catfish are being caught by anglers using chicken livers, cut bait, and spinner baits as bait. Still fish keeping the bait greater than 10 feet deep.

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To view Lake Erie boating information, safety tips, and launch ramps visit:

For realtime water level data visit:

For the most recent Ohio River forecasts go to:

To view structure locations, read the fishing digest, and see updated lake maps, visit:

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