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Minnesota fishing report 6-4-09

June 04, 2009 at 06:33 AM

East - The evening walleye bite has been good with jigs and leeches on the rocks in nine to 12 feet. Slip bobbers and leeches also work well during the evening with Big Point, Doe Island, and Hawkbill Reef standing out. The smallmouth bass action has improved with plastics or shallow-running crankbaits around docks and shallow rocks.

West - Work the edges and tops of the mud flats such as Seguchie’s, Seven Mile, Curley’s, and Eight Mile with leeches and rigs or minnows and spinners in 22 to 30 feet for walleyes. The 14- to 18-foot rock points and reefs are producing walleyes during the evening hours via slip bobbers and leeches. Smallmouth bass also remain active on the shallow, rock points and channels.


Walleyes started to move deeper with consistent reports from 20 to 32 feet. Anchoring and pitchin’ jigs and shiners is productive, but spinners and crawlers have started working. Hot spots include the Lighthouse Gap, Morris Point Gap, and the flat by Zippel Bay. At the Northwest Angle, minnows and crawlers also have been the ticket for walleyes around Oak Island and Flag Island.


Lindy Rigs and leeches are turning walleyes in 18 to 22 feet throughout Walker Bay. The cabbage in Steamboat Bay and Sucker Bay also is holding walleyes in six to nine feet. When the wind is hitting them, Pine Point, Otter Tail Point, and Stony Point produce walleyes in less than 10 feet via shiners and jigs. You’ll find good-sized perch in the emerging cabbage and the crappie bite has been “on and off” in the bays.


Look for walleyes and pike to hit minnows and leeches on the 13- to 18-foot weedlines of Lake Minnetonka. Bass are scattered from the shorelines to the first weedline and hitting artificial presentations. Sunfish are active in four to six feet and crappies are hanging around the points in 14 to 16 feet. Medicine Lake, Lake Sarah, and Lake Independence continue to produce panfish in shallow water.


A jig and minnow is producing walleyes in six to 10 feet throughout Black Bay, Lost Bay, and Saginaw Bay. The dam area of the Rainy River also is worth noting for walleyes. Look for crappies in the shallows of Black Bay and crankbaits are turning pike in Cranberry Bay and Black Bay in less than 12 feet. The best smallmouth reports are from the Brule area.


The evening walleye bite is consistent off Little Stony Point in four to eight feet with a jig and minnow. The Duck Pass area also has given up walleyes in less than six feet. Raven’s Point, Sugar Point, and the “bird houses” are producing walleyes in shallow water. You’ll find bigger walleyes on the bars with Lindy Rigs and leeches in 18 to 22 feet.


Trolling Shad Raps on the sharp breaks of the St. Croix River has produced walleyes. Leeches are best for walleyes on Big Carnelian Lake in 17 feet and White Bear Lake in 14 to 17 feet. The shorelines of Tanners Lake and Silver Lake are producing sunfish, while bass and sunfish are shallow on lakes Jane, Olson, and Demonterville. Spinnerbaits are the ticket for pike on Silver, Jane, and Olson lakes and the backwaters of the St. Croix are holding crappies.


Sunfish have moved extremely shallow on most lakes with Minnewashta, Steiger, Auburn, and Bavaria providing good catches. Plastics and spinnerbaits are producing bass in shallow water on Lake Auburn and Lake Bavaria. Sucker minnows are the ticket for pike on the seven- to 12-foot weedlines of Pierson Lake, Steiger, and Auburn. Crawlers and sucker minnows continue to produce catfish on the Crow River.


Sunfish are cruising the shallows on the north and northwest side of the lake, mainly along the bulrushes. Crappies have moved deeper with a few coming off the emerging weedbeds. Walleyes are hitting jigs and fatheads during low-light periods in eight to 14 feet on top of the reefs and weedlines. Look for bass in shallow water with spinnerbaits producing bigger fish.


Live-bait rigs and shiner minnows are producing walleyes in seven to 12 feet on Lake Reno. An occasional walleye report is heard from the weedlines of Lake Miltona and Lake Le Homme Dieu during low-light periods. Panfish continue to move in and out of the shallow spawning areas with the weather. Look to cabbage weeds, sand, or pencil reeds on most lakes. The bass bite has been hit and miss with the smaller lakes producing bigger fish on the flats and near docks.


Look to Clearwater Lake and Buffalo Lake with crawlers and leeches for walleyes in 18 to 25 feet. Crappies are cruising the shorelines and shallow reeds on lakes such as Clearwater, Augusta, Sugar, Sylvia, Granite, and Pleasant. Most lakes are producing bass on spinnerbaits or plastic worms. Clearwater, Pleasant, John, and Sugar lakes are safe bets for pike in 10 to 14 feet with sucker minnows.


A jig and minnow is producing walleyes on Otter Tail Lake in 16 to 21 feet or 28 to 33 feet. There’s a late evening walleye bite with minnows on Eagle Lake in 14 to 18 feet. On Rush Lake, West Battle Lake, and East Battle Lake, shiners or leeches have turned walleyes in 16 to 20 feet. Crappies are shallow on lakes Clitherall, Blanche, Stuart, West Battle, and East Battle. Bass are hitting jigs and plastics on most lakes in the shallows. Look for sunfish in shallow on Elbow Lake, Dead Lake, Deer Lake, Stalker Lake, Silver Lake, and Blanche.


Walleyes remain tough to come by with an occasional fish caught on minnows at the river mouth on Lake Bemidji and on Lake Plantagenet in eight to 12 feet. Crappies continue to be found shallow with lakes such as Midge, Pimushe, and Hattie giving up the most numbers. Bass are being found shallow with spinnerbaits on most lakes, while minnows and spinners are triggering pike in 10 to 12 feet on Lake Irving and Grace Lake.


Walleyes are active on Blackduck Lake, hitting minnows and jigs in eight to 12 feet during the evenings or in 12 to 14 feet during the day. On Gull Lake and Island Lake you’ll find walleyes in similar depths hitting minnows and leeches. Panfish reports have been limited with a few fish in the shallows of lakes Rabideau and Gilstead. Bass and pike continue to be found shallow on most lakes.


Walleye action has improved on the north end of Gull Lake in 18 to 30 feet with minnows. On the Merrifield end of North Long Lake, you’ll catch walleyes with shiners or leeches in 20 to 30 feet. Panfish action is strong in the shallows of Gull, Nisswa Lake, Roy Lake, Cullen Lake, and Lake Margaret. Bass and pike are hitting sucker minnows in the shallows of most lakes.


Bobbers and leeches are producing walleyes, bass, and pike on bars of Chisago Lake and South Lindstrom_Lake. Bigger sunfish are in 12 to 18 feet on Chisago and South Lindstrom and bass are an easy catch with plastics or live bait along the weedlines of most lakes. Look for suspended crappies over 12 to 18 feet on Chisago and North Center Lake and sucker minnows are triggering pike in eight to 12 feet on Kroon_Lake. There’s an evening walleye bite with bobbers and leeches on South Center Lake in 15 to 18 feet.


Walleyes remain active and hitting minnows in the shallow current areas. The crappie bite has slightly improved in shallow water and the smallmouths are hitting almost anything thrown their way in shallow water.


A jig and shiner minnow is producing a few walleyes during the day on the Whitefish Chain. There’s been some crankbait action late at night as well. Bass are being found just about everywhere and being taken on a variety of baits. Work the weedlines with spinners and minnows for northern pike and panfish are hitting in four to six feet or eight to 12 feet on most lakes.


Walleyes are hitting minnows at night on Lake Alexander in eight to 12 feet. Crappies can be had in the shallow bays of Fish Trap Lake and the majority of smallmouth and largemouth bass continue to be found shallow on Fish Trap and Alexander.


Look for walleyes in seven to 17 feet, depending on the wind, at Little Pine Lake, Big Detroit Lake, Big Cormorant Lake, Middle Cormorant Lake, and Little Cormorant Lake. Leeches and minnows are both working. Crappies are hitting minnows in 10 feet or less on Big and Little Detroit Lake, Middle Cormorant, and Lake Lizzie. Sunfish, pike, and bass can be found in good numbers on most lakes in shallow water.


Walleyes are hitting minnows and leeches at Island Lake in 12 to 14 feet. On Fish Lake, you’ll hook walleyes on leeches and crawlers in 10 feet. Look for bluegills on Fish Lake in less than six feet and pike are active on Rice Lake. The south shore of Lake Superior is kicking out cohos, lake trout, and brown trout over 40 feet mainly on spoons and stickbaits.


The weedlines of Blue Lake continue to produce numbers of bass and pike. Look to the deep holes of the Rum River for a few walleyes and smallmouths are an easy catch on the Mississippi River. Minnows and leeches are producing walleyes in 12 feet on Blue and Elk Lake and on Spectacle Lake in 18 feet. Panfish are shallow on most lakes.


Pike are scattered, but hitting minnows in 15 feet throughout the White Iron Chain of Lakes. You’ll find walleyes scattered between four and 15 feet on Lake Shagawa. Minnows are producing walleyes and smallmouth bass on Basswood Lake in 15 to 20 feet. Lake trout action is poor and you’ll find a few crappies suspended over deep water on Fall Lake.


Crappies remain shallow on Lake Emily and Lake Mary. Ruth Lake is kicking out numbers of largemouth bass along the shallow weed edges. On_Lake Esquagamah, crappies and northern pike can be had with minnows in 10 feet. A few walleyes have started hitting shiner minnows and jigs on Thunder Lake in 12 to 14 feet.


Sunfish have moved shallow on lakes such as Shields, Roberds, and Mazaska. An occasional walleye is pulled off the weedlines of Shields Lake in 12 to 14 feet. Walleyes also remain active on Fox Lake, but most have been small. Bass action is very good in shallow water on most lakes.


Walleyes, perch, and pike are hitting minnows in the river portion of Northern Lights Lake in 15 feet. On Homer Lake, you’ll find walleyes in 20 feet and Crescent Lake is kicking out walleyes in 12 feet. On Lake Saganaga, walleyes are scattered from 10 to 25 feet, but they are hitting at a good pace. Saganaga also is giving up lake trout over 20 feet mainly on minnows. Rapalas are producing walleyes around the islands of Devil’s Fish Lake. There’s an evening walleye bite on McFarland Lake in 12 to 15 feet with minnows. Pieces of chubs are turning herring on Greenwood Lake over 20 to 25 feet.


Walleyes are hitting jigs and minnows in eight to 12 feet on Bowstring Lake, Sand Lake, and the Mississippi River. Work the bays of Lake Pokegama and Trout Lake for crappies in four to eight feet. Pike are hitting minnows throughout Pokegama and most lakes are kicking out bluegills and bass in shallow water.


Walleyes are hitting minnows and leeches in 18 to 20 feet during the day on Woman Lake, Ten Mile Lake, Birch Lake, and Pleasant Lake. A few have been caught shallower during low-light periods. Look for crappies in less than six feet at Ten Mile, Pleasant, and Webb Lake. Bass are an easy catch in the shallows of most lakes.


Big walleyes and sauger are in less than 10 feet. The majority of keeping-sized walleyes are coming from 18 to 25 feet on the west end of Kabetogama or in 28 to 35 feet on the east half of Kab and Namakan Lake. The pike bite remains tough, but crappie action is improving in the shallow bays on the east end of Kab.


During the day a Lindy Rig, red hook, and leech is producing walleyes in 22 to 28 feet on the rock transition areas. The evening bite is still good on the 12- to 16-foot mud. Crappies are in their traditional spawning areas and northern pike are active in the new weed growth areas. A white spinnerbait, spoon, or sucker minnow will trigger these fish.


Spinners and crawlers are producing walleyes in 10 to 12 feet on Big Stone Lake. Better areas this week have been around the islands, Hartford Beach, and Sodak. There’s an evening walleye bite on Artichoke Lake in six to 10 feet and you’ll find crappies on the south end in shallow water. On the Minnesota River, catfish and northern pike are being caught below the dam.


Fish Hook Lake and Long Lake are producing walleyes on leeches in 16 to 19 feet. Bass are in 10 to 12 feet - pre-spawn mode on most lakes. Bluegill action has picked up in the shallows of Straight Lake and a few crappies are coming off Long Lake in 12 to 14 feet.


Walleyes continue to be caught on the six- to eight-foot breakline at the mouth of the Tamarack River and south of the Tamarack. The south shore is producing fish with a jig and minnow in less than eight feet. A few big pike are mixed in with walleye catches and the north shore is producing crappies in less than four feet.


Trolling plugs in 12 to 17 feet on the Maiden Rock Flats in Lake Pepin has produced walleyes. Three-way rigs and live-bait are turning walleyes on Pepin at the Bay City Flats. The best sauger action is taking place in 15 feet off Hocksila Point with crankbaits on Pepin. Panfish continue to hit around the docks at Baypoint Park and the rocks near Pine Creek are holding smallmouth bass.


Minnows are producing pike in eight to 12 feet on most lakes. The panfish have moved into the reeds on most lakes, with Boy, Sugar, and Vermilion producing bluegills and crappies. Bass action continues to be very good in the shallows of most lakes as well.


Look to weedlines or 25 feet on Lake Koronis for walleyes. On Rice Lake, you’ll find walleyes on the weedlines and crappies close to shore. Sunfish, crappies, and bass are cruising the shorelines of most lakes. Cedar Island, Becker, Grand, Pearl, and Horseshoe are worth noting in less than six feet.


Fatheads and leeches produce walleyes in less than eight feet on McCormick Lake. Shiners have been best for walleyes in deeper water on Big Birch Lake. Look shallow on Lilly Lake for sunfish and around the docks of Sauk Lake for crappies. Sucker minnows are the ticket for pike on lakes Villard, Long Bridge, Little Birch, and Big Swan.


Walleye action has improved off Priest Point on Lake Minnewaska in 15 feet and in the high school area in 22 to 25 feet. Spinners or jigs and minnows are best. On Lake Mary, walleyes are hitting minnows in 12 to 15 feet. The Glenwood end of Minnewaska is giving up crappies in three to five feet and the area bass bite is strong in shallow water.

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