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Minnesota fishing report 5-21-09

May 21, 2009 at 02:05 PM

EAST - The shallow rocks on the north side of Hennepin Island, near Doe Island and Big Point, are kicking out walleyes via slip bobbers and leeches in less than 10 feet. There also have been fish caught with Lindy rigs and leeches on the north-end sand breaks in nine to 11 feet of water. Reports from the main lake mud remain limited.
WEST - Walleyes are scattered between 15 and 23 feet and are hitting rigs and leeches during the day in St. Alban’s Bay. At night, Shad Raps or leeches and bobbers are working throughout the bay in shallower water. The majority of keeping-sized fish are being caught on slip bobbers and leeches off Seguchie Point, Brown’s Point, and Sherman’s Point in 12 to 15 feet.<
Four Mile Bay, Morris Point Gap, and outside the Lighthouse Gap have been best for walleyes in eight to 12 feet. Anchored and jigging with a frozen shiner minnow has been most productive. On those windy days , many anglers have done well in the Rainy River with the same presentation in six to eight feet of water.<
A jig and shiner minnow remains the best walleye option in eight to 12 feet. The bite remains consistent with areas such as Otter Tail Point, the Hardwoods, Stony Point, and Pine Point producing plenty of fish. There has been some good perch action in these same locations. Crappie activity is peaking.<
On Lake Minnetonka, leeches and slip bobbers are turning walleyes at night in the channels. Floating jigs and fatheads are working best on the 16- to 18-foot weedlines during the day. Sucker minnows are triggering pike in the channels, and spinnerbaits are the ticket for pike on the main-lake weedlines. Look for crappies in the 12-foot milfoil, and sunfish along the shorelines throughout Minnetonka. Panfish also can be had on Lake Sarah in 12 feet, and leeches are producing walleyes on Lake Independence i n 18 feet.<
A jig and shiner minnow is the ticket for walleyes along the shorelines of Jackfish Bay and Black Bay. The current areas near Kettle Falls and the Rainy River also have given up decent walleye action in shallow water. The crappies just started biting in Black Bay, while spoons or crankbaits are the best bets for pike in Cranberry and Jackfish bays.<
Walleyes remain scattered between eight and 16 feet and usually bite on the wind-driven side of the lake. Shiner minnows are working best off Raven’s Point, Mallard Point, and the Bird Houses if the wind is hitting them. There also have been strong reports from the Gap in Cutfoot and Williams Narrows. Look for good-sized perch and some pike mixed in with the walleyes.
Look for walleyes to hit a jig and minnow on the south side of the island on Bald Eagle Lake in 18 feet. Jigs also have turned walleyes in four to eight feet or 15 to 17 feet in the Prescott area of the St. Croix River. Look for crappies in 10 feet on White Bear Lake and in four to eight feet on Demonterville Lake. The weedlines of Silver Lake and Demonterville are holding northern pike.<
The inlets and outlets of the Minnesota River are producing a few walleyes. On the Crow River near Watertown, walleyes and catfish are being caught in less than six feet of water. Panfish remain shallow in lakes such as Auburn, Minnewashta, and Bavaria. Sucker minnows are turning northern pike in six to 10 feet on Steiger Lake and Lake Auburn.<
The inside weed edges on Nelson’s Flat, Center Reef, and Kegg’s Reef are producing walleyes in six to eight feet. Fatheads or leeches on jigs and live bait rigs are working best. Look for crappies and sunfish in six feet near the marina and southeast shoreline. Crankbaits are turning a few pike along the north side weedlines.
Fatheads are turning walleyes on Clearwater Lake in 22 feet during the day and in eight to 10 feet during the evenings. Lake John and Cedar Lake started giving up a few walleyes in 18 to 22 feet. Look for pike along the weedlines of Clearwater and Granite Lake. Panfish action remains best in shallow water on lakes such as Clearwater, Pleasant, Sylvia, Twin, Sugar, and Bass.<
Walleyes are hitting shiner minnows in 16 to 22 feet on lakes such as Otter Tail, Big Pine, Little Pine, East Battle, West Battle, and Walker. Northern pike are active in 15 feet on West Battle, Clitherall, South Turtle, and Elbow lakes. Look for crappies in the shallows of West Battle, Mollie Stark, Stuart, Wall, Ten Mile, and Elbow lakes. The best sunfish reports are coming from the shallows of Deer Lake, Dead Lake, Blanche Lake, Stuart, and East Battle.<
Walleyes continue to be caught on shiner minnows in four to 10 feet on Kitchi Lake, Big Wolf Lake, and Lake Irving. Crappie action has improved in the shallows of Lake Hattie, while Lake Bemidji and Irving are worth noting for pike in four to 10 feet. Anglers fishing from shore with Berkley Power Bait on Newman Lake are finding consistent rainbow trout action.<
Look for walleyes during the day to be hitting minnows on Gull Lake in 18 feet. Shad Raps are working best during the evening hours in six to eight feet. Shiner minnows are the ticket for walleyes in 16 to 24 feet on Round Lake and in 12 to 18 feet on the Merrifield end of North Long Lake. Look for crappies in the shallows of Upper Gull Lake, Round Lake, and Wilson Bay on Gull. Northern pike action is slow, but sunfish remain shallow and active on most lakes.<
Walleyes and northern pike are hitting shiner minnows on the 12- to 14-foot points and breaks at Cass Lake, Pike Bay Lake, and Lake An drusia. Look for suspended crappies over 10 to 14 feet on Big Rice Lake and Andrusia. Bluegill action is improving in shallow water on most lakes.<
Fatheads or leeches on jigs are producing walleyes in 16 to 22 feet on North Center Lake, Chisago Lake, and North Lindstrom_Lake. Sunfish and crappies remain active in the shallows of most lakes, while Sunrise Lake and Chisago are kicking out northern pike in 10 to 12 feet.<
The Namakan River and Sandpoint Lake are producing walleyes in 12 to 15 feet, mainly on minnows. The moving-water areas continue to hold big concentrations of fish. Numbers of big smallmouth bass and northern pike also have kept anglers busy in this area. Most of these fish remain shallow and hitting minnows.<
Limits of rainbow trout are coming from the pits such as Portsmouth, Pennington, Manuel, and Huntington. Some nice brookies also have been taken at Huntington and Snow shoe Pit. Early and late in the day, a No. 5 Rapala has worked, while trolling cowbells has been best during the day. A jig and minnow continues to turn walleyes on Serpent Lake, Rabbit Lake, and Clearwater Lake in six to 10 feet or 17 to 25 feet - depending on the time of day. Northern pike remain active on most lakes, and the panfish are biting in the shallows of Serpent, Little Rabbit, Mahnomen, and Bay lakes.<
Walleye action throughout the Whitefish Chain has been spotty at best. The fish being caught are shallow and are hitting shiner minnows and jigs. Spinner rigs and minnows trolled along the emerging weedlines of most lakes are producing pike in 12 to 22 feet. Crappies are being taken on the 12- to 16-foot weed areas of most lakes.<
Walleyes are scattered and are hitting minnows in 15 to 20 feet at lakes Sallie, Melissa, Big Detroit, Little Detroit, Floyd, and Acorn. Panfish are moving in and out of the shal lows on Floyd, Little Detroit, Melissa, Sallie, and Deadshot Bay. Minnows continue to produce northern pike in 12 to 15 feet from Sallie, Melissa, and Big Detroit lakes.<
Walleyes are hitting chubs in 10 to 12 feet on Island Lake and Boulder Lake. The St. Louis River continues to produce walleyes as well. Panfish remain active in the shallows of Fish Lake, and Rice Lake started giving up northern pike in less than eight feet. Steady winds have limited fishing on Lake Superior this week.<
Spoons or a jig and minnow are turning a few lake trout between five and 30 feet of water on Burntside Lake and Basswood Lake. There have been some decent smallmouth bass reports off Burntside with live bait in 10 to 20 feet. Minnows are producing some walleyes in five to 15 feet on Fall Lake, in 10 to 12 feet on Shagawa Lake, and in the current areas of Basswood.<
A jig and shiner minnow is turning walleyes in nine to 15 feet on Bowstring Lake, Big Splithand Lake, Round Lake, and Sand Lake. Bluegill reports are limited, but crappies continue to be found in the shallow bays of the Mississippi River, Lake Pokegama, and Spider Lake. The best northern pike action is taking place on shiner minnows on Pokegama in 16 feet.<
A jig and shiner or rainbow minnow is turning walleyes on Stony Lake in 16 to 18 feet, and on Birch Lake in 12 to 16 feet. There’s an evening walleye bite on Ten Mile Lake in shallow water with Shad Raps. Panfish and northern pike action remains slow, but few anglers have been chasing them.<
Walleyes are being found in two locations: 10 to 12 feet or 25 to 35 feet. Look to Tom Cod Bay, Peterson Bay, Martin Islands, Mud Bay, and Daily Bay with jigs and minnows. Crappie action remains limited, but northern pike seem to scattered all over the areas that are producing walleyes.<
Big walleyes continue to rule most catches with the occasional keeper fish mixed in. Jigs and minnows are the ticket in eight to 12 feet or 26 to 35 feet. Crappie reports have been mixed, but the wind and cold during the past week really limited the opportunities to fish them.<
Shiner minnows are producing walleyes on Lake Itasca and Island Lake in nine to 12 feet. Panfish are now an easy catch in most shallow bays and shorelines with lakes such as Fish Hook, Big Mantrap, and the Crow Wing Chain providing the most numbers.<
The shorelines and Tamarack River continue to produce walleyes in six to 10 feet of water. Anglers are pitching slip bobbers and minnows, jigs, and even some crankbaits and doing well. Crappies can still be had in the shallows, and several more big pike were caught this week in less than eight feet of water.<
The river channels throughout the Horseshoe Chain continue to give up a few walleyes. You’ll also find walleyes on Rice Lake in 12 to 15 feet, and on Lake Koronis in six to 10 feet. Crappies can be had in eight to 10 feet on Horseshoe Lake, Cedar Island Lake, and Pearl Lake. Sunfish are shallower on lakes such as Becker, Grand, and Big.<
Walleyes continue to hit fatheads during the evening hours in two to eight feet at McCormick Lake. Shiner minnows are producing walleyes on Big Birch Lake in 17 feet. Look to East Long Lake, Long Bridge Lake, and Sauk Lake for crappies in shallow water. Sunfish reports are minimal, and Lake Villard remains the best option for northern pike.<
Bobbers and leeches or shallow-running Rapalas are producing a few walleyes late in the day in less than 10 feet of water. Lakes worth noting are Diamond, Long, Elizabeth, Solomon, Florida, Willmar, and Nest. There are a few walleyes coming from deeper water on Green Lake and Eagle Lake. Panfi sh and northern pike action has been limited.

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