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Michigan fishing report 8-11-10

August 11, 2010 at 03:57 PM

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — As warm weather continues, fish aren’t biting as much, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment said Wednesday in its weekly fishing report.

The agency says anglers should look for cooler water temperatures in the Great Lakes, inland lakes and the rivers. They also should fish deep, because that is where they’ll find the fish that are active and ready to feed.


Lake Erie: Those fishing out of Monroe were doing well for perch with limit catches reported. The odd walleye was also caught. Hot spots to fish were Stoney Point, LaPlaisance Bay and Buoys 1 and 2 of the River Raisin Channel. Perch fishing was also good in 18 to 23 feet of water off Luna Pier and in front of the Fermi Plant. Channel cat action has also been good.

Huron River: Is producing a few northern pike below Flat Rock.

Detroit River: Walleye anglers are having marginal success on the lower end of the river including the Trenton Channel.

St. Clair River: Target the deeper waters for walleye. Fish were caught in both the Middle and the South Channel. Canadian waters are always a good bet as well.

Lexington: Is producing lots of steelhead for those trolling in 60 to 100 feet of water and fishing the top half of the water column. Coho and pinks were also caught.

Port Sanilac: Has fair to good numbers of steelhead in waters up to 130 feet deep. Perch fishing seems to have tapered off.

Harbor Beach: Lake trout were caught in 120 to 140 feet of water north of the harbor. Try using plain spoons off downriggers or ghost dodgers with spin and glows down on the bottom. Best colors have been glow in the dark, white with pink dots, and black. Some nice steelhead were caught in 120 to 140 feet of water with the line back 50 feet off the downrigger and down about 60 feet. Use small lures in bright colors such as orange, pink, yellow and silver or red with green. Walleye were caught straight out and north of the harbor on crawler harnesses, small spoons or body baits. Gold, root beer, perch, purple, green and red were good colors. Start in 25 foot of water and work out to 60 feet until you find fish. Salmon fishing was slow.

Saginaw Bay: Walleye anglers fishing the inner bay are mostly washing worms or catching freshwater drum and catfish instead. Perch fishing was good. Hot spots were a mile east of the Spark Plug, the Black Hole and near Buoys 9, 4, and 2. The fish are hitting mostly on minnows which seem to be in short supply at some of the local bait shops. If you run out of minnows, try worms, a piece of crawler, or vertical jigging with tiny jigs tipped with power baits. Keepers are running 7 to 10 inches. Those fishing straight out from Sebewaing caught perch in the Slot and trollers off Bay Port were fishing the north end of the Slot. Walleye anglers are fishing the deep water off the Flat Rock Reef which is between Caseville and Port Austin. Look for water temperatures in the low 70’s. Channel cats continue to hit shrimp and crawlers in and near the Hot Pond.

Saginaw River: Shore anglers in the lower river are catching some freshwater drum, catfish and the occasional bass.


St. Joseph: Salmon and trout were caught with downriggers set 40 to 60 feet down in waters 50 to 120 feet deep. Most anglers caught chinook and steelhead.

St. Joseph River: Overall fishing was slow except for smallmouth bass hitting on small crank baits or minnows. Some were small. A few walleye were also caught however fishing was spotty and the fish were on the small side. Most anglers are using minnows or drifting crawlers.

South Haven: Boats here have also caught chinook and steelhead about 50 feet down in 60 to 80 feet of water. Pier fishing was slow.

Kalamazoo River: Due to the recent oil spill, a section of the river from Marshall to Morrow Dam is closed to all recreational use including fishing until further notice.

Grand Haven: Trout and salmon were caught in 120 to 170 feet of water with downriggers set between 85 feet down and the bottom. Paddles and flies in blue, green and white were good at the deeper depths, while green or glow J-plugs worked higher in the water column.

Grand River at Lansing: Large and smallmouth bass were caught on red worms or crawlers near the North Lansing Dam. At Moore’s Park, catfish were still hitting and some nice bluegills were caught on red worms and crawlers below the dam. Good catfish action near Portland.

Lake Ovid: Bass were caught in shallow waters in the early morning or evening. For bigger bluegills, try fishing near the bottom in deeper water.

Muskegon: The fish cleaning station at Muskegon State Park is open. Boats are trolling anywhere from 65 feet down to the bottom in waters 90 to 220 feet deep. Colder water was found 200 to 220 feet deep. Use paddles and flies or J-plugs here as well. No perch to report.

Muskegon River: Walleye fishing was good at the Hardy Dam Pond. Some were keepers but many were sub-legal.


Mullett Lake: A few trout were caught by those trolling spoons 20 to 40 feet down in waters 70 to 100 feet deep from Red Pine Point to Round Point and near Scott Bay.

Walleye fishing was fair with fish ranging 15 to 24 inches. Those targeting yellow perch are fishing near the points, the north sunken island and in the bays. Try 10 to 25 feet of water with crawlers or minnows. For pike, try the bays and near the rivers. More anglers are heading out for bass. Smallmouth were caught in 15 to 25 feet of water near the Aloha State Park, the Indian River and between Long Point and Dodge Point when using crawlers or tube baits.

Rogers City: Lots of baitfish have been marked in shallow waters 40 to 65 feet deep. Smelt were found in the stomachs of chinook, coho, pink salmon, lake trout, steelhead and the occasional brown trout. Try 45 to 80 feet down in waters 40 to 120 feet deep with 3 to 5 colors of lead core off planer boards. Good colors were green, blue, purple, or black and white. Anything that glows early in the morning or later before the sun goes down. Some nice steelhead were caught up high in the water column when using bright colors such as orange and silver.

Presque Isle: Anglers are fishing the top half of waters 120 feet deep when heading straight out of the marina or north towards the lighthouses. The key was to find baitfish because the fish seem to be on a feeding frenzy.

Rockport: Was producing coho, pink salmon and steelhead. Pink salmon were caught 90 feet down in 115 feet of water around Middle Island. Coho were 30 feet down in 60 feet of water and some walleye were taken 15 feet down in 35 to 45 feet of water. Crawler harnesses worked best for walleye.

Long Lake: Boat and shore anglers have caught bass and bluegills.

Alpena: Angler pressure was low but a good number of shore anglers were looking for walleye and channel catfish. Sulfur Island was the best fishing location for boat anglers looking for walleye. Most were bringing back a fish or two caught 30 feet down in 60 feet of water when using crawler harnesses, deep divers, or reef runners.

Thunder Bay River: Shore anglers harvested a few channel cats when using worms. Night fishing always produces more catfish but some were caught during the day as well. Bass and walleye were mostly sub-legal.

Fletchers Pond: Was producing some bass and panfish.

Harrisville: Fishing was slow but lake trout were caught 80 to 90 feet down in 90 to 120 feet of water with green the hot color. Steelhead were caught in waters 60 to 150 feet deep. Try orange on lead core, dipsey’s and sliders. Walleye are out deep and hitting on steelhead rigs.

Oscoda: Pier fishing was slow due to dredging in the river. Boat anglers reported good lake trout fishing 10 to 20 feet off the bottom in 90 to 150 feet of water. Green has been a good color. Steelhead are hitting on anything orange. Try 30 to 40 feet down in 60 to 100 feet of water. Walleye have also been caught.

Au Sable River: Dredging continues but should finish up soon.

Higgins Lake: Is producing good numbers of rock bass and some were Master Angler status. Perch anglers have caught the occasional 12 to 14 inch fish. Try fishing around the Sunken Island or along the drop-offs. Lake trout were hitting on bombers, rapalas, or live bait just off the bottom in 100 to 120 feet of water. Those fishing the flats on the north end were jigging for lake trout. Try jigs and twister tails, sand kickers, or Swedish pimples with a minnow or a plain hook.

Houghton Lake: Walleye anglers caught fish in the weeds along the south shore and along the east side of the Middle Grounds. A good number of fish were sub-legal. Pike anglers are using large sucker minnows in shallow waters near the weeds. Perch fishing was slow however fish were found out near the Middle Grounds. Bluegills were hitting on leaf worms, wax worms or leeches.

Tawas: Pier fishing is slow, with a few panfish and perch in the mornings and the occasional walleye taken at night. Boat anglers have taken some fair catches of perch out by the lighthouse in 15 to 25 feet of water. Walleye fishing was still pretty good south towards Alabaster in deep waters.

Au Gres: Walleye fishing is still good if you’re willing to fish in 50 to 70 feet of water out northeast of Big Charity Island. It is a long way out there, but that’s where the fish have gone to escape the warm water temperatures found in the inner bay. Crawler harnesses seem to work best.

Flint River: Was producing good numbers of smallmouth bass and catfish from Flushing to Montrose.

Shiawassee River: Some walleye were caught up near the dam in Corunna.


Traverse City: Along the East Bay, anglers are still targeting 100 to 120 feet of water for lake trout and whitefish. Morning anglers did best north of Yuba Creek.

Boaters heading out on the peninsula are reminded that the launch on Center Road is under construction, so be sure to park in designated parking spots only.

Few salmon anglers have been out but the number is starting to increase. Shore anglers fishing the Elk Rapids bypass reported fewer fish but the size was bigger. Leeches seem to work best. In the West Bay, anglers are still marking and catching a decent number of lake trout and whitefish south of the island in 100 feet of water. Salmon anglers are putting their time in however few are brining in fish.

Boardman River: Few anglers are reporting, seeing or catching fish. Those lucky enough to catch anything were fishing in the early morning.

Frankfort: Some nice catches have been reported by those trolling 80 to 135 feet down in 150 to 220 feet of water. Early mornings are the most productive when using anything that glows before daybreak. Some chinook were caught on meat rigs.

Onekama: Straight out from the lighthouse to 200 feet of water and trolling south seems to be the trick for catching trout and salmon. Try trolling just a little bit faster with J-plugs. A few coho were also reported so the fish are moving into the area.

Portage Lake: Fishing has been very good around the buoy with bluegills, rock bass and sunfish hitting on worms.

Lake Missaukee: Was good for panfish but walleye fishing was slow.

Manistee: Salmon have been caught in 90 to 180 feet of water. Try green plugs or anything that glows.

Ludington: Boat anglers are catching salmon and a few trout in 80 to 160 feet of water. Glow plugs and spoons are working early in the morning and late at night. Green has been a good color in flies and spoons.


Keweenaw Bay: Fishing was slow so anglers have not done well in the Bay or the South Portage Entry.

Ontonagon: Fishing has been good for salmon and lake trout. Best time to fish was 6-10 a.m. and again in the evening. Most are trolling spoons in 100 feet of water.

Marquette: Had fair fishing with a few limits of lake trout taken north of White Rocks and the Sand Hole in 180 to 200 feet of water.

Little Bay De Noc: Had fair walleye fishing near the Black Bottom and south to Breezy Point when trolling or drifting crawlers in 18 to 30 feet of water. The First and Second Reef were also producing fish for those crank baits or crawlers but many were sub-legal. Bass anglers reported good numbers of smallmouth throughout the Bay. Some nice yellow perch were caught by those jigging crawlers in 20 to 30 feet of water off the Narrows. Salmon anglers had little to report.

Big Bay De Noc: Had good yellow perch fishing in Garden Bay. Most were still-fishing crawlers in 8 to 12 feet of water. Good smallmouth bass fishing from Kate’s Bay south to Snake Island. Try tube baits in 12 to 30 feet of water. Fairport had good trout and salmon action for those trolling spoons 80 to 145 feet down in 100 to 180 feet of water.

Au Train: Fishing was a bit slow. Lake trout averaging 3 to 5 pounds were caught north of the Wood Island Reef and north of Au Train Island in 150 to 200 feet of water. No reports on salmon or steelhead. Surface water temperatures were 70 degrees in the Bay and the upper 60’s near the Wood Island Reef.

Munising: Lake trout fishing was just average in Trout Bay, near Wood Island and along the Pictured Rocks coastline. Anglers are trolling an assorted color of spoons. Shore anglers reported slow catch rates for splake. Time of day does not seem to make much difference in success rates.

Grand Marais: Lake trout fishing was good with some limit catches reported 5 to 7 miles north of the bay in the shipping channel. Some are also heading west and fishing near the Au Sable Point. Most are fishing in 150 to 200 feet of water. Those fishing high lines 50 to 75 feet down caught a few coho and steelhead. Shore anglers targeting pike and perch near the boat launch had little success.

St. Marys River: Walleye are still good in Raber Bay, the north end of Lime Island and the west side of Round Island when trolling crank baits in 6 to 12 feet of water. Good walleye action near Carlton Creek where anglers are trolling pink bladed crawler harnesses with red beads. Northern pike were caught off the docks when casting spoons in the evening. Near 9 Mile Road, walleye anglers are trolling bottom bouncers with crawler harnesses in 25 feet of water. Muskie and pike were reported at the north end of Munuscong Bay and Moon Island.

De Tour : Salmon and trout anglers are still trolling both sides of the shipping channel to the red can on the Drummond Island side or the green can to the lighthouse. Salmon were hitting 20 to 35 feet down and trout were about 50 feet down in 100 feet of water. Some large lake trout were hitting past the lighthouse near the Humps. Try white spoons with a red nose, green or purple.

Cedarville and Hessel: Pier anglers in Hessel are fishing for perch, pike and bass.

Perch fishing has been excellent with fish averaging 9 inches. Early morning is best with crawlers on the north end of Haven Island, the south shore of Hessel Bay and first or second cut into Snows Channel. Perch can also be picked up off Cedarville, Little Joe Island, Government Bay or the Moscoe Channel when trolling stick baits in 8 to 12 feet of water. Those targeting pike are trolling the south shore of Hessel Bay, Snows Channel and the south shore of Musky Bay with minnows under a bobber or stick baits in 6 to 12 feet of water. Dredging has begun at the Cedarville launch, which means the launch will be closed for about three months.

Carp River: Anglers are catching northern pike using weedless baits.

St. Ignace: Anglers are still targeting trout and salmon between the fuel tanks and the Flats or the Edison Plant and the Coast Guard Station. Try purple spoons with a black ladder or green and silver flashers with a fly or squid. At the mouth of the Pine River, catfish were hitting on leeches and rock bass were caught on crawlers.

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