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Lake Michigan fishing report (April 20)

April 20, 2011 at 01:39 PM

Wisconsin DNR

Southern Lake Michigan Fishing Report: April 18, 2011

Kenosha Co.
  In Kenosha, shore fishing has been relatively slow both in the harbor and on the Pike River. Fishing effort in Kenosha has been low overall, but a few steelhead have been taken in Petrifying Springs Park by anglers drifting spawn.
Racine Co.
  Over the weekend, the Root River water depth and velocity increased significantly from the recent precipitation. On Saturday anglers had to contend with cold air temperatures, strong gusty winds, high turbidity and precipitation for most of the day. Due to fishing conditions effort was relatively low, but anglers had some success with most steelhead caught near the Horlick dam. On Sunday the river flow was still slightly increasing but was slowly starting to crest. However, the water remained turbid with low visibility. The water temperature on Sunday late afternoon was 44 degrees Fahrenheit. Fishing at the Horlick dam had the best catch rate for both Saturday and Sunday. Although conditions were challenging on Saturday, a few anglers were fly fishing near the foot of the dam while others took shelter just downstream under the Northwestern Ave. bridge. Over the day at least 12-15 steelhead were harvested. On Sunday, the morning bite was a little slow but picked up around mid-day. Angler effort was moderate and many were able to land 1-3 nice steelhead. Most harvested steelhead were around 4-6 pounds, but a couple nice ones were caught between 8-10 pounds. Fin clips showed a higher catch of the Ganaraska strain and fewer Chambers Creek harvested this past weekend. In Quarry Lake Park fishing was slow, mostly due to high water which made wading downstream unfavorable. Most anglers who did fish from this point traveled upriver to the large bend downstream from the Northwestern Ave. bridge. This produced some steelhead over the weekend, but the catch rate was a little low. Most of the success came from medium sized flies or small spinners. Anglers reported best success from bright neon pink or a white and black combination. Fishing pressure from Lincoln Park and downstream through Island Park was very low over the weekend. On Sunday afternoon, a few anglers were fishing just downstream from the weir’s refuge. They were able to land three nice spawning steelhead while unintentionally picking up quite a few white suckers. Success here was split between drifting spawn sacs or flies. Some anglers traveled upriver into Colonial Park but there was no reported success. DNR crews processed fish at the Root River Steelhead Facility on Tuesday, April 12. Both Chambers Creek and Ganaraska strains of steelhead were spawned. An additional 235 fish were handled, and 180 of those were released upstream. Fish will be processed for the last time on Tuesday, April 19.
Milwaukee Co.
  In Milwaukee, little boating activity has taken place recently. The Bender Park launch is currently closed, with dredging slated to take place in May. Shore fishing in Milwaukee has been slow at the lakefront, but anglers fishing steelhead on the Menomonee River and Oak Creek have had some success. Flies and spawn have been the most consistently productive baits. Steelhead fishing on the Milwaukee River has remained relatively slow, but a few have been caught on flies in Kletzsch Park.
Ozaukee Co.
  Port Washington Ramp: Fishing has been very spotty, With little success trolling in 30-40 feet of water. Port Washington Utility: Fishing pressure at the utility plant has been light because of inconsistent weather and little to no fish being caught. The muddy water temperature was 49F. Port Washington Pier: The muddy water has ranged in temperature from 37F-39F. The fishing has been very slow with not many fish caught. Most are fishing spawn or spoons off the pier. Sauk Creek: Sauk creek fishing has been hit or miss. The water level rose about 2 feet and flow has increased. The water temperature is 40F and fishing pressure has been moderate. Most anglers have been using flies or spinners on the river with some success for steelhead.
Sheboygan Co.
  Sheboygan Ramps: Fishing has been tough due to inconsistent weather patterns with some really tough days out on the lake. Most fish that have been caught were taken while trolling in 10-30 feet of water. Fishing pressure has been low, but catches of brown trout, and even a chinook salmon, were reported. Sheboygan Piers and Harbor: The muddy water ranged from 42F-44F. Fishing has been tough off the south pier due to tough weather conditions. Most fishermen were mainly using spoons. Pigeon River: The Pigeon River has seen low fishing pressure, with little to no reports of fish being caught. The Pigeon River has risen about 2 feet, and the river is muddy. Sheboygan River: The water level remains high with fast flows on the Sheboygan River. The water temperature is around 38F. Fishing has been tough with moderate fishing pressure. Catches of rainbow trout have been reported, but an overflow of suckers have made fishing difficult. Most fish were caught off spawn and some on flies. Weedens Creek: Water levels are high, and fishing has been slow.

Northern Lake Michigan Fishing Report: April 18, 2011

Manitowoc Co.
  Heavy rain, strong winds, cold weather, and poor water conditions slowed angling pressure throughout the week. Early week temperatures in the low 50s dropped to the mid-30s with wind chills down to as low as 20 degrees by the weekend. Strong winds switching from northeast to northwest throughout the week at 15-25 mph with wind gusts up to 35 mph. Heavy rain on Saturday combined with the heavy rain last weekend has left the tributaries at their highest water levels this spring. Many low-lying areas continue to be flooded along the fast-flowing tributaries. The turbid, chocolate milk appearance of the tributaries has hindered angling success this week. Water temperatures climbed as high as 54 degrees on Tuesday, but dropped back down to 37-40 degrees by the end of the weekend in the tributaries. Success has slowed for steelhead in the East and West Twin Rivers this week. Only a few lucky anglers reported landing steelhead, with many anglers landing only suckers. Success has occurred using a variety of baits including spawn, flies, and grubs. Angling pressure has been very slow for steelhead on the tributaries due to weather and water conditions. The sucker runs are in full swing this week, but dip-netting success has been slowed due to the high, fast-flowing waters. In the Manitowoc harbor and the Manitowoc River near the mouth, anglers continue to have success using sucker guts to land catfish ranging anywhere from 6-13 pounds. The same can be said for the Two Rivers harbor with catfish, and a spring carp tournament over the weekend resulted in large numbers of carp landed. The boat ramps showed little activity this week due to strong winds, but the Manitowoc marina boat launch did open on Wednesday.

Green Bay Fishing Report: April 13, 2011

Brown Co.
  Fox River: Shore fishermen are finding success casting jigs or rapalas. Most shore fishermen have been concentrating their efforts along the shoreline at Voyageur Park. Anglers have also been fishing from the metro ramp and catching a few walleye. Boat fishermen have been vertical jigging along the river channel with excellent success over the last few weeks. Also, crank baits have been a good option as well. The water had muddied up a bit this week slowing the action some but as the water clears, the action should heat back up. Anglers have also been catching a few bonus whitefish as well.
Oconto Co.
  With the nice weather and the walleye run fishing pressure has increased to moderate to heavy. Water temperatures at the landings are around 46 degrees with some what murky water. Walleye and suckers are starting to show at the Stiles Dam with fishermen using Rapala’s and jig heads and twister tails from the 141 bridge upstream. Some walleye and brown trout were being caught on the Oconto behind Hardees’s using Rapala’s. Pike fishermen on the lower stretch of the Oconto (Municipal landing to Breakwater Park) are seeing little action as the pike were still spawning.
Marinette Co.
  With the nice weather and the walleye run fishing pressure has increased to moderate to heavy. Water temperatures at the landings are around 46 degrees with some what murky water. Walleye, pike, suckers and trout are being caught from the Dam in Peshtigo to its mouth. Fishing pressure on the Peshtigo has been extremely heavy. Most shore fishermen have had success with deep diving stick baits from the Municipal landing down river. Floating Raps and twister tails have been working in the up river areas. Boaters have been drifting jigs and minnows as well as twister tails to catch fish. Fishing the mouth of the Peshtigo has been a bit slower, but there is still enough action to satisfy. The Menominee River is producing some nice walleye at Hattie Street drifting Raps and twisters. Boaters on the Menominee are doing a lot of vertical jigging in the area of the Turn Basin.

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