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Lake Michigan Fishing Report (7-21)

July 22, 2011 at 01:32 PM

Southern Lake Michigan Fishing Report: July 18, 2011

Kenosha Co.
  In Kenosha fishing has slowed considerably. Trollers have been fishing 70 to 100 feet of water, but have had little success the past week. The most productive bait continues to be orange or red flashers coupled with flies in blues, greens and reds, although spoons have also produced. Perch fishing on the Kenosha shore and piers has been slow, but few boat anglers have been catching some just off of the rock breakwall. Plastics and minnows have been the best baits.
Racine Co.
  In Racine trollers have been catching fewer coho, but more Chinooks, rainbows, and lake trout. Spoons and dodgers and flies have taken the majority of fish, and blues and greens have been the best colors. Racine shore anglers have been taking a few perch on jigs fishing off the south pier and from other shoreline areas.
Milwaukee Co.
  The fishing off Milwaukee has slowed down over the past week. Fish are still being marked, but getting them to bite has been difficult. Trollers have been working a variety of depths, from 60 feet of water out to 200 feet. Shore fishing is relatively slow in the Milwaukee area, but a few perch have been taken off the end of McKinley pier.
Ozaukee Co.
  Port Washington Ramps: Fishing pressure was light due to the closure of the ramp on Friday and Saturday for Fish Day. The catch rate has dropped off tremendously, and a lot of boats came back with no fish caught for the day. Most fishermen were marking a lot of fish in depths of 70-100 feet of water, but catching the fish has proven difficult. The most common lures used were flasher flies, dodger and flies, or spoons with little success. The main catch from the few fishermen that had fish were coho salmon, lake trout and king salmon with the numbers of coho salmon decreasing dramatically. Port Washington Harbor/Shore: Fishing pressure has been light, and the catch rate has been slow, although a few browns or rainbows in the 11-14 inch mark are being caught. The main lures used were spoons, alewives, worms or spawn for trout and salmon; and worms or minnows for yellow perch. The catch rate for perch has remained poor, and only one yellow perch has been seen caught. Port Washington Pier: Fishing pressure on the pier was moderate and the catch rate has been hit or miss for yellow perch and non existent for salmon and trout. The clear water temperatures was 54F. Most fisherman have been fishing with spoons for trout and salmon. Yellow perch fishing has been hit or miss with a few nice size yellow perch being taken. Most fisherman were using minnows or plastics for the yellow perch.
Sheboygan Co.
  Watch out for the orange flags and buoys that mark commercial fishing trap nets set in Lake Michigan. Steer clear and give these markers a wide berth to avoid getting tangled and capsizing. Learn where the nets are set on our Trap Net page.

  Sheboygan Ramps: Fishing pressure was moderate but high in the mornings. The catch rate has gone from hit or miss to terrible with a lot of boats coming back in with no fish for the day. Most fishermen were marking a lot of fish in 70-110 feet of water, but the fish were scattered and were not taking anything that was presented. The bait of choice that has taken some fish have been flasher flies, or glow magnum spoons. The best colors have remained blue, green, sliver, and orange. The surface bite has slowed down, and most fishermen had their best luck fishing down to 30 feet of water. The main fish that were caught were cohos, kings, and rainbows. Sheboygan Piers/Shore: Fishing pressure on the Sheboygan piers was moderate and the catch rate has remained bad. The muddy water temperature was around 56F. Yellow Perch fishing has picked up a little bit and some perch have been taken by fishermen. Most fisherman have been casting spoons for trout and salmon with little success. As for perch, most fishermen have been jigging minnows or a jig and plastics with moderate success.

Northern Lake Michigan Fishing Report: July 18, 2011

Manitowoc Co.
  Watch out for the orange flags and buoys that mark commercial fishing trap nets set in Lake Michigan. Steer clear and give these markers a wide berth to avoid getting tangled and capsizing. Learn where the nets are set on our Trap Net page.

  Southwest winds and hot, muggy temperatures in the lower 80s created good fishing conditions this week with little angler success. Calm conditions made up most of the mornings this week, with 2 foot rollers into the evening hours. Water clarity remains good due to only a few sprinkles this week. Water temperatures around the pier heads ranged from 63-65 over the weekend, with temperatures offshore rising to 66-68 degrees. Angler success out on Lake Michigan out of both ports continued to be slow this week, most likely due to the warm water temperatures. From past experience, angler success also decreases when there is a full moon which occurred throughout the later part of the week. The Two Rivers Kiwanis Derby this weekend had very low numbers overall with boats averaging 0-2 fish, with a few boats coming in with as many as six fish. Rainbow trout appeared to be targeted most often by boaters, with most the success coming in 250-330 feet of water on orange spoons up high. As the weekend went on, the results were mixed. A few boats would have success on chinook salmon and rainbow trout in 50 feet of water and the next boat in 200-215 feet of water or out to 330 feet of water. The fish appear to be very scattered right now, so don’t be afraid to try any depths. For chinook, drop your riggers down 80-100 feet using green/green dodger/fly combos. Jacks, 17-21 pound chinooks, and rainbows dominated the coolers for the fish derby. The coho fishing in the area has really slowed down recently and landing a brown trout this summer has been nearly non-existent. Congrats to all the winners this weekend. Pier fishing remains slow for trout and salmon off both Two Rivers and Manitowoc. As long as the water remains in the mid-60s, you can count on fishing to be slow. Anglers have had success recently landing a few nice perch in the Manitowoc harbor using plastics or floating a night crawler. Make sure to raise the night crawler up off the bottom to avoid gobies and bullheads.
Kewaunee Co.
  The week started with pleasant conditions and gradually increased in both temperature and humidity. By the week’s end weather was bordering on unsafe. Winds were light to moderate for most of the week. The number of anglers seemed to remain constant on the weekends, but increased during the week. In both Algoma and Kewaunee fishing remained dismal. Most trollers had 0-2 fish, with some higher. Fishing locations, depths, and lure choice remains constant. The water temperature has risen to the low to mid sixties. Pier fishing also remained almost nonexistent.
Door Co. (Lake and Bay sides)
  Boaters and anglers: Watch out for the orange flags and buoys that mark commercial fishing trap nets set in Lake Michigan. Steer clear and give these markers a wide berth to avoid getting tangled in the nets. Learn more on our Trap Net page.

  Upper Door Co: Bailey’s Harbor had an increase in fishing pressure this past week, but the average stayed around 2 fish per boat. The more successful boats were fishing in 110-140 feet of water. The fishing at Gill’s Rock and Ellison Bay continues to be slow with very few boats trying their luck, but the ones that launched have been struggling to catch even one fish per trip right now. The bass fishing up and down the peninsula continues to be hit or miss on the piers with the morning bite being more consistent than the day or night bites. The hot lures continue to be green tube baits and minnows for live bait. Sturgeon Bay: The fishing pressure for salmon and trout has increased dramatically from the boat launch in Sturgeon Bay this past weekend. This unfortunately did not improve the success out on the water as the fishing remained very slow with the average catch this week being only 2-3 fish per boat. A few boats did have success and brought in 6-8 fish a trip. These boats stayed away from the majority of the boats on the Bank Reef and caught the fish on green flasher/green fly combos. Anglers have been catching a few perch in Sawyer Harbor with the best luck in shallow water along the weed lines. Most of the perch however have been small in size with the average being about 4-5 inches. Anglers are also catching some bluegills with the perch, bobber rigs have been working the best. Walleye fisherman are having a hard time trying to find fish. Most are catching numbers of drum and catfish but very few walleye.

Green Bay Fishing Report: July 20, 2011

East Shore
  Little Sturgeon Bay: Walleye fishing has been slow with an occasional fish being caught. Most have been trolling the reefs along the shore line. Bass fishing has been slow but some smallmouth are still being caught. The best action is on live bait in 10 feet of water. A few anglers ventured out and went bowfishing this week and found good numbers of carp in the shallows. Chaudoir’s Dock: Closed for 30 days for repairs. Sugar Creek: Anglers have been using this landing as an alternate to Chaudoirs Dock. Most are finding the landing to be poor for launching boats. Perch fishing has been spotty with some fish being caught. Bayshore Park: Walleye fishing has been constant with numbers of fish being caught on crawler harnesses. The best returns of larger walleye have come through trolling in 15-20 feet of water. Anglers fishing shallower water trolling cranks are catching numbers of small walleye as well. Perch fishing has been slow but improving as the week went on. Most perch that are being caught have been 6-8 inches in size.
Oconto Co.
  With the extremely hot weather the number of pleasure boaters and rafters at the different landings were high. The Oconto River from Stiles down to Holtwood Park was the scene of tubers, rafters, kayakers, and canoeists all trying to beat the heat. Temperatures at the boat landings are in the mid 80’s. The fishing at Stiles Dam has slowed some with a few gills and smallies being caught using slip bobbers and live bait. Many walleye fishermen plying their trade from Pensaukee to Oconto Park in preparation of Thursday’s tournament. Some walleye are being caught along with lots of sheephead and catfish. Perch remain elusive.
Marinette Co.
  The Peshtigo Harbor area continues to treat the angler to some nice catches of catfish, sheephead, walleye, and smallies. Shore fishermen are fishing crawlers on bottom at the mouth of the river, boaters are using crawlers and jigs while floating the river. Smallmouth and panfish are also being caught by the dam in Peshtigo casting spoons and using slip bobbers. The Menominee River is producing some walleye and smallmouth action trolling the river proper and dead drifting crawlers. The salmon bite is slow.

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