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Lake Michigan fishing report (6-24)

June 24, 2011 at 02:37 AM

Southern Lake Michigan Fishing Report: June 20, 2011

Kenosha Co.
  Good coho action continues off Kenosha with low to moderate fishing pressure. Most anglers are targeting just coho trying to take advantage of the good numbers of fish in the area, but some rainbows, chinooks and lake trout are also being harvested. The most popular rig continues to be orange or red flashers coupled with flies in blues, greens and reds. Spoons have taken the majority of lakers and kings. Late in the week anglers reported the best success could be found just outside the “Hill”, however there were reported catches anywhere from 60 to 180 feet of water. Perch anglers on the Kenosha shore and piers have had very poor success since the opener. A few boat anglers have been getting their limit of 5 fish just off of the rock breakwall east of the north pier, with plastics and minnows being the best baits. No success has been reported on the piers for trout and salmon. Near shore temps are 57 to 58 degrees. The fish cleaning station at Kenosha remains closed for repairs.
Racine Co.
  Coho action remains very good off of Racine, but fish locations are changing daily. Best success late this week was reported in 60 to 90 feet of water from the surface to 30 feet down. Red, orange and white dodgers with flies in the blues and greens have been popular baits of choice. A few lake trout have also been harvested on spoons and reportedly are suspended with the coho. Some nice chinooks in the 15 to 18 lb range are also being seen. Anglers are reporting marking large amounts of bait fish, and surface water temps have warmed up to the mid 50s. Racine pier and shore fishing success has been very low, with generally light effort observed. Very few perch have been caught by either shore or boat anglers since the opening on the 16th. Nearshore temperatures are running 57 to 58 degrees.
Milwaukee Co.
  The fishing off Milwaukee has been pretty good for boat anglers. Coho are still active, but they are beginning to scatter and have been caught as far out as 180 feet of water. Flasher and fly combinations continue to produce good numbers of coho. A few Chinooks are also showing up in the creel but with no frequency or pattern. South shore ramp had had some perch action on the rocks or the center break wall north of the landing, and minnows have been the best perch bait. The shore anglers should start having success for perch if the water warms. At times a few coho have been taken off McKinley pier, but fishing has been generally slow.
Ozaukee Co.
  Port Washington Ramps: Fishing pressure has been high, and the catch rate has remained very good. The fishing has been best around 200-300 feet of water, and the surface bite has been better than trolling deep. Trolling with orange dodgers or dipsey divers and green or silver flies has been the most productive. Coho salmon continue to dominate catch, although some lake trout, steelhead, and chinook salmon are also being caught. Most boats are coming back in with limit catches in a very short period of time. Port Washington Harbor/Shore: Fishing pressure at the power plant and in the harbor has been moderate, but anglers have had little success. The water temperature is around 56-58F, and the powerplant flow has decreased. Most anglers are casting spoons with a main catch of small stocker size brown trout, although one four pound brown was seen caught. Yellow Perch fishermen have had a tough outing fishing for perch, and the main bait has been minnows or worms. Port Washington Pier: Fishing pressure on the pier is moderate. The trout and salmon catch has become non-existent while yellow perch fishing has been hit or miss with a few perch being caught. Most anglers are fishing with spoons or alewives for salmon and trout, while perch fishermen are having success with minnows. The water temperature was 56F, and the water has been very clear.
Sheboygan Co.
  Watch out for the orange flags and buoys that mark commercial fishing trap nets set in Lake Michigan. Steer clear and give these markers a wide berth to avoid getting tangled and capsizing. Learn where the nets are set on our Trap Net page.

  Sheboygan Ramps: Fishing pressure on the Lake has been moderate and fishing has remained pretty good although the catch rate has dipped some over the last 24 hours. Most fishermen have been having success trolling with orange dodgers and peanut flies or spoons. Water depths of 150-250 feet of water has been the most productive. Coho salmon and Rainbow trout have been the main catch with a few Lake trout and Chinook salmon also being caught. Sheboygan Piers/Shore: Fishing pressure has been light and the catch rate has not gotten any better. Most fishermen that were fishing for salmon are casting spoons or using alewives off the bottom. Perch fishermen were mainly using minnows off a slip bobber with no success.

Northern Lake Michigan Fishing Report: June 20, 2011

Manitowoc Co.
  Watch out for the orange flags and buoys that mark commercial fishing trap nets set in Lake Michigan. Steer clear and give these markers a wide berth to avoid getting tangled and capsizing. Learn where the nets are set on our Trap Net page.

  Southeast to northeast winds at 5-10 mph were consistent throughout the week. High temperatures were also steady at 55-60 degrees along the lakeshore. Heavy rain and thunderstorms were scattered throughout the later part of the week. Harbor temperatures remained in the mid-60s, with surface temperatures around 51-52 degrees offshore to 56 degrees around the pier heads by the weekend. The coho action remains steady out of both Two Rivers and Manitowoc. Over the weekend, many boaters also came in with many large rainbow trout ranging in the 10-15 pound range. Little luck has been reported with chinook salmon, but a few have been seen over 20 pounds. The many coho salmon caught have all consistently been around 5 pounds. Out of Two Rivers, anglers have had success fishing in the 90-120 foot range north of the trap nets with a few fish picked up as deep as 150 feet and as shallow as 60 feet. Green/green dodger/fly combos 60-80 feet down have been working for kings on the riggers, and many boats stated that any spoon they threw out there worked for cohos and rainbows. Out of Manitowoc, many boats also worked the 90-120 foot area. A few boats also had success in 200-225 feet for rainbows and cohos using small orange dodgers/mirage flies on lead core and orange spoons on high lines and on the dypsies. Boats out on Saturday were averaging 5+ fish landed, with fishing pressure slowing on Sunday due to heavy rain and storms. Cleveland Ramp: Fishing pressure from the Cleveland ramp has been light and fishing has not fared well at all. Most fishermen are fishing for Yellow Perch with very little success and minnows have been the main bait.
Kewaunee Co.
  The weather finally stabilized for a short period of time during the week, and this lead to some better fishing in Kewaunee County and in the Sturgeon Bay area. The water temperatures rose this week with some fishermen reporting areas of water reaching 57 degrees. The weekend brought down the water temperatures and brought with it some heavy rains in the area. Algoma: Boats launching from the Algoma Ramp saw better success this week on both Kings and Rainbow Trout. The boats with the most success seem to be going out to about 300 feet of water for the rainbows. Boats that were fishing in the 80-120 feet of water also saw success with the King Salmon. The lures of choice remained the same with blue/green flies being the most used lures. Fish are starting to hit spoons more frequently though but no single color seems to be out performing the others. The pier fishing in Algoma remains very slow with only a few fishermen trying their luck but with very little success. Kewaunee: The amount of boats launching from the ramp continues to increase as word of the catch picking up seems to spread. The fishing still remains to be slow but is improving compared to earlier in the year. Most boats are having success in water depths ranging from 200-300 feet and have been using mostly flies. Just as in Algoma, spoons are starting to have an impact and have been bringing in some fish. The pier fishing remains very slow here as well with many anglers having no success.
Door Co. (Lake and Bay sides)
  Boaters and anglers: Watch out for the orange flags and buoys that mark commercial fishing trap nets set in Lake Michigan. Steer clear and give these markers a wide berth to avoid getting tangled in the nets. Learn more on our Trap Net page.

  Overall a beautiful week. 70’s and sunny dominated the early week. Mid-week rain was followed by a more pleasant weekend. Boating traffic started out moderately and diminished as the week progressed. Pleasure boaters are becoming more common in upper Door County. Smallmouth bass are prevalent throughout the bays in the area. Most fish are on beds as water temps remained in the low sixties. Avid boat anglers are reporting very good catches out of Stone Quarry and Ephraim ramps. Family trips/younger anglers are seeing small catches of smallies from both boats and piers. Tubes and crawlers still being used the most. Salmon anglers are starting to show up in Ellison bay and Gills Rock, reporting little to no success as water remains cold. Fishing remains slow in Sturgeon Bay but seems to be doing better than both Algoma and Kewaunee. The salmon fishing seems to be hit or miss, with some boats registering limits but others returning empty handed. The perch fishing continues to improve with many boats returning with limits, but the size remains small with the average catch being in the 7 inch area. The hot bait for the perch continues to be minnows and bits of crawlers. Perch fishermen using crab tails seem to be struggling the most.

Green Bay Fishing Report: June 20, 2011

Brown Co.
  Fox River: Anglers have been finding numbers of large catfish fishing from the shore. Most have been using cut bait or worms. Also a few anglers have been targeting smallmouth bass with good success. Drum and carp are being caught as well but most are being caught incidentally. Lower Bay: Walleye have been hitting well from Geanos Beach in the west to Volks Reef in the east. Trolling has been the most successful approach. Also a few anglers have been jigging gulp or live bait on reef tops with some success.
East Shore
  Sturgeon Bay: Anglers have been catching some perch in Sawyer Harbor over the last few days, however most have been small in size. Also bass fishing has been good when the weather allows anglers to get out and fish. Best action has been in the shallows in and around the ship channel. A few walleye are being caught as well, generally by anglers trolling the channel at night. Little Sturgeon Bay: Bass fishing has been good with anglers targeting shallow rocky shorelines. Anglers have been using a variety of baits from soft plastic jigs to live leeches. Also anglers fishing for perch have been finding good numbers of keeper perch in the weed beds. Best bait has been a small minnow on a bottom rig. Chaudoir’s Dock: Perch have been very spotty the last week with some good catches one day and nothing the next. Most anglers have been targeting 20-30 feet of water using minnows or worms for bait. Bottom rigs have been the typical fish producer, but slip bobbers with a jig and minnow have been working well also. Walleye fishing has started to pick up with some good catches of walleye being reported. Most fishermen have been trolling harnesses and producing fish. Most of the walleye, however, have been smaller in size with most being under 15inches. Bayshore Park: Walleye fishing has been constant the last week with harnesses working the best. Most anglers have been trolling in 10-20 feet of water. Purple was the hot color last week for some anglers. Some anglers were also reporting success using wally divers and shad raps. Perch fishing has been slow with some fish being caught in 20-25 feet of water. For perch, the best weather conditions have been sunny, warm days.
Oconto Co.
  Fishing pressure this past week was light to moderate due in part to wet and windy weather. Water temperatures at the landings were in the low 70’s but cooler out in the bay. Anglers at the Stiles Dam have been targeting smallmouth using crank baits and spinners while others have been keying on blue gills using slip bobbers and leaf worms. Fishermen out of Pensaukee report catching walleye in 8 to 12 feet of water trolling crawler/harnesses, the same is true for Oconto Breakwater Park and Oconto Park II. Fishing has been a bit slow, but those that stick it out are catching fish in the 17 to 24 inch size. The perch bite out of Oconto Park II is slow with some fish being caught adjacent to weed beds in 8 to 12 feet of water crappie rigs and slip bobbers with minnows is working best.
Marinette Co.
  Fishing pressure this past week was light to moderate due in part to wet and windy weather. Water temperatures at the landings were in the low 70’s but cooler out in the bay. Peshtigo Harbor fishermen are catching a mixed bag of smallmouth, pike, and walleye fishing the mouth of the river; a variety baits are working. Catfish are also on the menu at the Peshtigo Harbor using crawler fished on bottom. At the Peshtigo Dam some nice catches of gills have been reported along with smallmouth bass. The walleye bite on the Menominee River has slowed some with undersized fish being caught during daylight hours; some nicer fish are being caught before dawn and after sunset.

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