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Iowa fishing report 10-21-09

October 22, 2009 at 04:51 PM

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources issues a weekly fishing report on Thursdays in an effort to provide the latest information heading into the weekend. The weekly fishing report is compiled from information gathered from local bait shops, angler creel surveys, and county and state parks staff. For current information, contact the district fisheries office at the phone number listed at the end of each district report.

Crawford Creek Impoundment
The cold weather seems to be keeping anglers from going out, but those that are, have had some luck catching medium sized bluegill and crappie.  People have reported catching a few catfish.  Bluegill - Fair: Shore and boat anglers are catching bluegill with small hooks and jigs.  Majority of fish are medium sized.  Crappie - Slow: Boat and shore anglers have been catching some crappie on various baits.  Majority of fish are medium to fairly small.

Brushy Creek Lake
Water has cleared up.  A few bluegills and crappies are being caught.  Fish near trees and cover a lot of area.  Docks will remain in the lake until freezing weather moves in.  Bluegill - Fair: Anglers have been catching a few bluegills in 10 to 18 feet of water, just off the bottom.  Use small hooks and a slip bobber set up; best baits are red worms or wax worms.

Storm Lake (including Little Storm Lake)
Weather is terrible, but walleye and catfish angling is fairly good.  Remember that Storm Lake has a 17 to 22-inch slot length limit.  All walleye in that range must be immediately released.  Channel Catfish - Good: Anglers are doing well using chubs and minnows.  Walleye - Fair: Try chubs and minnows.  Some anglers have caught fish casting twisters from shore or trolling shad rap type lures (hot steel or blue) along the dredge cuts and other traditionally good areas.  Make sure to immediately return slot length (17 to 22-inch) fish to the water.

North Twin Lake
Anglers are catching a few panfish.  Bluegill - Fair: Use a small hook and piece of crawler.  Crappie - Slow: Use small minnows and fish around docks.  Yellow Bass - Fair: Use a small hook and piece of crawler or small piece of cut bait; cast toward or jig around docks and keep moving.

Black Hawk Lake
Anglers have been catching a few small crappie and bluegill in Town Bay.

Cold fronts moving across the area have disrupted fishing. People were not fishing very much this week.  For more information about these lakes and rivers call Don Herrig (712-657-2638) at the Black Hawk District Office in Lake View.

Clear Lake
The docks have been removed for the winter at the McIntosh boat ramp. Yellow bass fishing is still good; the best fishing has been on the nice weather days.  Walleye - Slow:  Muskellunge - Slow: 

Rice Lake
Crappie fishing is good.

For more information on fishing in the area lakes and rivers, call the Clear Lake Fisheries Office at (641) 357-3517.

Big Spirit Lake
With recent weather conditions very few anglers have been observed on Big Spirit Lake.  Crappie - Fair: A few fish are being caught on the fishing pier at the grade and along the docks on Marble Beach on small jigs tipped with live bait or a small bobber and minnow.  Yellow Perch - Good: Use a small jig tipped with live bait in 17 to 22 feet of water in the main lake basin.  Walleye - Fair: Wader fish at Buffalo Run, the Footbridge, or Marble Beach after sunset with a twister tail, floating crankbait, or jig and minnow.

East Okoboji Lake
Crappie - Fair: A few black crappies are being caught at the fishing pier in the northwest corner of the lake on Hill Avenue with a small bobber and minnow.  Yellow Perch - Good: Use small jigs tipped with live bait from Jingles Point towards the trestle.  Some perch are also being caught at the fishing pier on the northwest corner of the lake off Hill Avenue.  Walleye - Fair: Fish after sunset near the trestle or other bridges with a jig head and minnow or twister tail.  Yellow Bass - Good: Vertical jig along weed lines with small jigs tipped with live bait.

Silver Lake (Dickinson)
Walleye - Fair: Fish after sunset at the Trapper’s Bay Bridge with a twister tail.

West Okoboji Lake
Water temperature on the lake is 54.5 degrees.  Walleye - Fair: Fish the beaches at Triboji, Pikes and Gull Point with a twister tail or jig and minnow.

Five Island Lake
Walleye - Fair: Fish after sunset from shore with a jig and minnow or twister tail near the trestle.

Lost Island Lake
Walleye - Fair: Fish after sunset along the shoreline at the bridge and beach with a twister tail or floating crankbait.

West Fork Des Moines (state line to Emmetsburg)
Recent rains have raised the river which has slowed the fishing some.  Walleye - Fair: Use a jig and minnow in eddies and deep water areas.
Fish are still being caught but there are very few anglers out fishing because of weather conditions.  For more information on lakes and rivers in the Spirit lake area call 1-(712)-336-1840.

Volga Lake
Channel Catfish - No Report: This is one time of year where cut bait will work better than chicken liver.  Bluegill - Slow: There is a slow bite, but nice ones are being caught.  Largemouth Bass - No Report: The largemouth bass should start to turn on soon depending on the weather.  Crappie - Slow:

Lake Hendricks
Channel Catfish - No Report:  Bluegill - Slow: Bluegill are biting on a hook tipped with a wax worm.  Largemouth Bass - Slow: Anglers report best success using a night crawler or artificial jigs tipped with a twister tail.  Crappie - Slow: A few crappies are being caught on twister tails fished near the woody structure in the upper end of the lake.

Lake Meyer
Lake Meyer has good oxygen throughout the water column.  Many of the fish seem to be in deeper water at this time.  Channel Catfish - No Report: The catfish bite has slowed down, but there are reports of a few trophy-sized fish being caught on cut bait.  Bluegill - Slow: Anglers report have best luck using a feather jig or a hook, worm fished off the bottom.  The hot spot seems to be off the jetty.  Largemouth Bass - Slow: There are good numbers of quality-sized bass in the lake this year.  Crappie - Slow: If they aren’t holding on the bush piles, try locating the schools in the open water by drifting.

Upper Iowa River (above Decorah)
Northern Pike - No Report:  Smallmouth Bass - No Report: Walleye - Slow: Walleye angling in town are beginning to pick up.  Try fishing in those deeper holes.

Upper Iowa River (below Decorah)
Smallmouth Bass - No Report:  Walleye - No Report:

Cedar River (above Nashua)
Water clarity is excellent so fishing in the evening and on cloudy days may be your best bet.  Channel Catfish - Slow: Some catfish are being caught using cut bait or chicken liver below the dam at Nashua.  Smallmouth Bass - Slow: Start focusing on the over-wintering deeper pools.  Walleye - Fair: Anglers are beginning to catch walleye using a jig head and minnow below the dam at Nashua and by Howards Woods. Upstream of Charles City the bite is slower.

Decorah District Streams
Trout continue to be stocked in our streams but the stocking is now unannounced.  Hatchery folks are reporting the trout streams as being very fishable.  There have been some nice insect hatches occurring.

The Upper Iowa, Cedar and Turkey rivers water temperatures are dropping rapidly.  River and stream water clarity is good to excellent.  Area lake temperatures are in the high 40s to low 50s.  For more information, please call the Decorah Fish Hatchery at 563-382-8324.

Silver Lake (Delaware)
The vegetation has strongly died back in Silver Lake.  Bluegill - Fair: Try fishing from shoreline or boat for bluegills in Silver Lake. Try drifting or retrieving a small jig tipped with a piece of worm under a slip bobber.

Casey Lake (aka Hickory Hills Lake)
Anglers are catching both bluegill and crappie in Casey Lake.  Bluegill - Good: Anglers are catching nice sized bluegill in 6-8 feet of water above submersed structure from the shoreline. Try casting little jigs tipped with a small piece of worm while slowly retrieving through the 6-8 feet of water.  Crappie - Good: Try using crappie minnows under a slip bobber or using small jigs tipped with a minnow around structure in deeper water.

George Wyth Lake
Crappies are biting on George Wyth Lake.  Crappie - Good: The coves have been productive for crappies floating a minnow under a slip bobber or casting small jigs tipped with a minnow from the shore.

Cedar River (Nashua to La Porte City)
The Cedar River has been really good for walleye, northerns, smallmouth bass and crappies over the last week.  Northern Pike - Good: Anglers are reporting catches of large northern pike throughout the Cedar. Try casting larger jigs with a twister, spinner baits and spoons for these aggressive coldwater fish.  Smallmouth Bass - Good: Smallmouth bass are biting on crankbaits; October is one of the better months for angling aggressive smallmouths.  Crappie - Good: Crappie fishing has been good above the impoundments of interior dams. Try drifting minnows under a slip bobber in 5-6 feet of water.  Walleye - Good: Anglers are catching some larger walleyes in the cedar with the onset of late fall and winter. Try casting jigs or crankbaits in and around woody structure along current breaks or deeper holes for bigger fish.

Shell Rock River (Greene to Shell Rock)
Anglers have been having good success fishing on the Shell Rock for both walleye and smallmouth bass.  Smallmouth Bass - Good: Cast jigs with a twister tail or crankbaits on the downstream end of riffles or along woody structure for these actively feeding fish.  Walleye - Good: Try casting jigs tipped with a minnow or casting crankbaits in and around woody structure along current breaks for larger fish.

Wapsipinicon River (Tripoli to Troy Mills)
Anglers are catching a variety of fish in the Wapsi, both in the main river and in impoundment areas above the interior dams.  Northern Pike - Good: Anglers are having good success with northerns casting larger jigs and twister tail tipped with a minnow for these aggressive fish.  Smallmouth Bass - Fair: Recent DNR fish surveys on the Wapsi reflected good numbers and size structure of smallmouth bass in this river. Crankbaits and spinner baits work well when fished in and around woody structure.  Walleye - Good: Try using jigs tipped with or without a twister tail and a minnow for these actively feeding fish.

Maquoketa River (above Monticello)
The month of October is an excellent time to be pursuing walleye and smallmouth bass on the Maquoketa River. Concentrate in the deeper holes as fish migrate towards overwintering areas.  Smallmouth Bass - Fair: Try the Catch and Release area below the Lake Delhi dam for some great smallmouth action. Crankbaits work well this time of year.  Walleye - Good: Walleyes are aggressive this time of year with the onset of winter. Try jigging the deeper holes using a jig and minnow as they move into their overwintering areas.

Northeast Iowa interior rivers are still providing a good assortment of game fish. Reports over the last few days have been very good for walleye, smallmouth bass and northern pike. Anglers in Black Hawk County are beginning to pick up some crappies on some area lakes. For more information contact the district office in Manchester at (563) 927-3276.

Mississippi River Pool 9
The river level at Lansing is 8.1 feet.  The water temperature has dropped dramatically and is 46 degrees.  Northern Pike - Fair: Northern pike are being caught in some of the side sloughs using either crankbaits or spinner bait.  White colored lures seem to work best.  Bluegills - Good: Try fishing structure near backwater areas with good water depth.  Smallmouth Bass - Fair: Fish are concentrated along rocky shorelines and wing dams with current. Use small inline spinners to catch these fish.  Crappie - Fair: Using jig and minnow in the running sloughs.  Walleye - Good: A few nicer sized walleyes being caught in Minnesota Slough trolling crankbaits.

Mississippi River Pool 10
The river level at Lynxville is 13.15 feet. The water temperature is 48 degrees.  Northern Pike - Fair: Reports of pike fishing have slowed but fish are still being caught where the backwater lakes open up into sloughs. Use spinner baits or shallow running crankbaits for these fish.  Bluegill - Fair: Some bluegill are being caught below the spillway near Harpers Ferry using worms.  Largemouth Bass - Good: Some bass are being caught using crankbaits out from points.  Crappie - Good: Crappie fishing continues to be good using a jig and minnow in the side sloughs and fishing around woody structure.  Try Joyce Lake or Mud Hen lakes near Harpers Ferry.  Sauger - Good: More sauger and nicer sized sauger being caught with a few limits reported.  Walleye - Good: Nicer sized walleyes being caught in the tail waters with a few limits of walleye and sauger being reported.  Freshwater Drum - Good: Catch these fish using night crawlers on the bottom. Fish are also being taken jigging in the tail waters.

Mississippi River Pool 11
River levels at Guttenberg are at 4.7 feet.  The water temperature is 50 degrees.  White Bass - Good: Nice sized white bass continue to be caught in the tail waters and around some of the wing dams by anglers fishing for walleye.  Bluegill - Good: Nice catches of bluegills near Mud Lake reported and around the insides of wing dams.  Smallmouth Bass - Fair: Smallmouth bass fishing is good along rocky shorelines and wing dams with good flow over them. Use inline spinners to catch these fish.  Crappie - Good: Crappie being caught in Cassville Slough nears snags.  Sauger - Good: A lot of sauger being caught but many are small fish with a few nice fish being kept.  Walleye - Fair: A few nicer sized walleyes being caught.  Freshwater Drum - Good: Use a night crawler and fish around wing dams or moderate current areas.  Some drum are also being caught on jigs in the Guttenberg tail water.

Water levels are still low but expected to rise slightly over the next week. Boaters are still urged to use caution when boating outside the main channel. Boaters should also use caution when backing down the ramps so as not to back off of the end of the concrete. Call Guttenberg fisheries station for current conditions at (563) 252-1156.  Water clarity is excellent.

Mississippi River Pool 16
Walleye and sauger fishing is slow with a few fish being caught on crankbaits on wing dams.  Crappies - Slow: A few crappies are being caught in the Andulusia Island complex but things seem to have slowed down.  Walleye - Slow: Walleye and sauger fishing is slow with a few fish being caught on crankbaits on wing dams”

Mississippi River Pool 18
Crappie fishing is still good in backwaters   Channel Catfish - Fair: Catfish are slowing but still hitting on shad parts and night crawlers.  Crappie - Good: Crappie continue to bite in the backwaters in brush piles and near structure.  Walleye - Slow: A few walleyes are being caught on wing dams but fishing is still slow.

Water temperatures are dropping slowly; rain and falling temps for this week will continue this trend.

Lake Geode
Water temperature is dropping fast. Due to the weather, there has not been much activity on the lake, even during the couple of nice days.  Bluegill - Slow: Cold weather is driving the fish out to deeper water.

Lake Belva Deer
The road work is done for the rest of the year.  They will let the road bed settle this winter and start the paving part of the project next year.  Bluegill - Slow: Not many anglers have been out.  Crappie - Slow:

Pollmiller Park Lake
The fishing has been slow with very few anglers doing any fishing.

Lake of the Hills
The cold wet weather has made the angler numbers drop off. Water temperature is dropping fast.  Anglers should hit the shallow bays on any sunny warm days we get.  Rainbow Trout - Excellent: 2,250 trout were released on Oct. 17, and they are hungry.  One of the broodstock at more than 7 pounds has already been caught, but there are still a few out there.  Channel Catfish - Fair: Some anglers are catching fish on chicken liver.  Anglers have to move often to find the active fish.  Bluegill - Good: Work them just like the crappies.  Largemouth Bass - Good: Lake of the Hills sister lake: Railroad Lake has been producing some nice bass by flipping plastics close to the flooded trees.  Crappie - Good: Hit the brush piles with wax worms on small jigs and bobbers. Jigging small tube jigs tipped with wax worms in the deeper brush piles are producing the bigger fish.

Lake Darling
The lake remains drained.

For more information on the above lakes call the Lake Darling Fisheries Office at (319) 694-2430.

Lake Macbride
Crappie - Fair: Some nice sized crappies are being caught on brush. With the water cooling down, the fish should start relating to deeper cover. Fish over brush with small jigs or minnows.

Pleasant Creek Lake
We have received no information regarding fishing on this water body this week.

Coralville Reservoir
As of October 22, the lake level is 686 feet.  Channel Catfish - Slow: A few anglers are catching some fish drifting cut bait.  Crappie - Fair: Fish around the brush piles in the coves with a jig or jig/minnow.

Iowa River (Coralville Lake to River Junction)
As of Oct. 22, the flows are 2,000 cubic feet per second (CFS) and are predicted to be 4,500 CFS on Oct. 23 and 6,000 CFS by Oct. 25. This will affect the water level of the river as well as fish location/behavior.  Channel Catfish - Fair: Some cats are being caught below the tube on shad and cut bait.  Walleye - Slow: A few walleyes are being picked up below the dams and deeper holes on jigs.

For more information contact the Lake Macbride Fisheries Station at 319-624-3615.

Lake Wapello
The lake has been renovated and is being allowed to fill.

Lake Keomah
Channel Catfish - Slow: Try night crawler or cut bait along the shoreline.  Bluegill - Fair: Anglers are using small jigs tipped with a wax worm fished around structure.  Largemouth Bass - Slow: Try rubber worms along the fishing jetties or around submerged structure.

Lake Miami
The lake is 6 feet low due to a planned drawdown.  The boat ramps are still usable.  Channel Catfish - Slow: Use night crawlers or cut bait.  Largemouth Bass - Fair: Use spinner baits around the flooded timber or areas with submerged structure.  Try using rubber worms in the same areas.

Lake Sugema
Bluegill - Fair: Use small jigs tipped with a wax worm or chunk of night crawler around the weed line.  Largemouth Bass - Fair: Use spinner baits or crankbaits around submerged structure.  Crappie - Fair: Use jig and minnow combinations around the flooded timber.  Keep moving until finding active fish.  Walleye - Slow: As the water cools, the walleye will move onto areas with rocks.  Try a jig and minnow combination or crankbaits around areas with rocky shorelines.

Rathbun Reservoir
The lake’s water temperature is in the lower 50s.  The lake level is 902.65 with normal pool being 904.00.  The boat ramp at Honey Creek State Park is closed due to road construction.  Channel Catfish - Fair: Blood bait and cut bait have been catching some nice sized channel catfish.  South Fork has been a productive area to try.  White Bass - Slow: Try baits that mimic shad like chrome colored crankbaits or jigging spoons.  Crappie - Fair: Anglers are catching crappies around submerged brush piles in 10-15 feet of water.  Most fish are being caught on a jig and minnow combination.  Walleye - Slow: Trolling crankbaits around submerged drop-offs and underwater islands has been successful.

For additional fishing information in southeast Iowa, contact the Rathbun Fish Hatchery at 641-647-2406.

Rock Creek Lake
We have received no information regarding fishing on this water body this week. 

Roberts Creek Lake
We have received no information regarding fishing on this water body this week.  .

Big Creek Lake
White Bass - Slow: A few white bass are being caught fishing jigs with minnows on the wind swept shorelines and points.  White jigs have been working best.  Crappie - Fair: Some crappies are being caught by fishing minnows or small tube jigs near submerged wood in deeper water or over the sunken brush piles.

Easter Lake
We have received no information regarding fishing on this water body this week. 

Hickory Grove Lake
Bluegill - Slow: Some bluegills are being caught fishing light tackle such as small tube jigs or ice fishing jigs tipped with small pieces of crawler or wax worms.  The fish can be caught in 10-15 feet of water near submerged brush or pallet piles.  Crappie - Slow: A few crappies are being caught fishing minnows or small tube jigs near the submerged brush and pallet piles in around 15 feet of water.  There is sunken habitat off most of the points.  A depth finder will help in locating the structure.

Red Rock Reservoir
We have received no information regarding fishing on this water body this week. 

Saylorville Reservoir
We have received no information regarding fishing on this water body this week. 

Des Moines River (Stratford to Saylorville Lake)
Walleye - Fair: A few walleyes are being caught using jig and crawler or jig and minnow.  Larger fish can be found near wood cover in 3 feet of water or more with a little current.  Throwing crankbaits along sandbar drop-offs can also be effective.

Des Moines River (Saylorville to Red Rock)
Crappie - Fair: Crappies around 7 to 9 inches are being caught at Cottonwood floating minnows under a bobber.  Walleye - Fair: A few walleye are being caught at Cottonwood and below the city dams using jig and twisters or jig and minnow.

Middle Raccoon River (above Van Meter)
Smallmouth Bass - Fair: Smallmouth are on their fall feeding pattern.  Some nice fish are being caught throwing small crankbaits imitating shiners or crayfish, inline spinners, or soft plastics.  Walleye - Fair: Decent catches of walleye are being caught anywhere there is good depth with slower moving water using jig and minnow, jig and twister, or small crankbaits.

Contact Ben Dodd or Andy Otting at (515) 432-2823 for information on the above area lakes and rivers.

Meadow Lake
Meadow Lake has a very good largemouth bass population with many fish over 15 inches. During the winter of 2009, habitat was added to the lake consisting of underwater reefs, rock fields, catfish spawning tubes, and numerous red cedar tree piles. Try fishing plastic baits with a slow retrieve around deeper structure. The lake is full with one concrete boat ramp.

Cold Springs Lake
Cold Springs Lake fish population was renovated in 2006 and anglers are catching largemouth bass up to 17 inches.  Largemouth Bass - Fair: Anglers are catching largemouth bass fishing plastic baits along edges of vegetation.

Lake Anita
Lake Anita has provided good fishing most of the year. The size and condition of the bluegills and crappies has improved over the past summer setting Anita up for some good fall fishing.

Viking Lake
Viking Lake’s fish population was renovated back in 2006 and the initial stocking of largemouth bass has reached 17 inches and the catfish are over 20 inches.

Lake Manawa
Anglers are still catching good numbers of crappies in the canals. Walleyes have picked up on the east side of the lake. Recent DNR survey showed good numbers of wipers on the east shoreline. Lake is full with slight algae bloom.  Crappie - Good: Crappies are being caught in the canals on tube jigs and minnows. You will need to sort for 9 to 10-inch fish.  Walleye - Fair: Walleyes are picking up on east side of lake slow trolling shad raps.

Cold Springs District Farm Ponds
With cold temperatures fishing has slowed on farm ponds. Always get permission before fishing privately owned ponds.  Bluegill - Slow: Try using small tube jigs and twister tails or night crawlers under a bobber.  Largemouth Bass - Fair: Largemouth bass are still being caught using plastic baits with a very slow retrieve around deeper structure.

Saganaush Pond
Saganaush Pond is scheduled to receive the first trout stocking of the year this Friday, Oct. 23. The lake will be stocked with 1,500 catchable size rainbow trout. Access to the pond is by walk in only. There are two well maintained walking paths to the pond.

Very few anglers are fishing with cool and rainy weather conditions. Water temperature is around 50 degrees in most lakes. For more information, contact Bryan Hayes or Mark Boucher at the Cold Springs District Office at (712)769-2587.

Lake Icaria
Water temperature is in the 50s.  Walleye - Slow: A little bit of walleye fishing is occurring.  Activity has been sparse and catches are fair.

Green Valley Lake
The lake is down 12 feet until completion of a sediment removal project planned for this winter.  The lake has been restocked and will be allowed to refill in spring 2010.  Campground upgrades are nearing completion.

Summit Lake
Lowering the lake water level has begun.  Shoreline protection will be added this winter.  The lake will be refilled and restocked in the spring.

Three Mile Lake
Water temperature is in the 50s and clarity is good.  Walleye - Slow: Very little walleye angling activity is occurring.  Trolling deep diving crankbaits has been used with some success.

Overall, water temperatures have dropped into the 50s and fish are moving into deeper water.

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