Shed hunters out in force

February 09, 2009 at 06:24 PM

The recent warm spell certainly brought out the shed hunters in Illinois.

We’ve had numerous reports of sheds found in recent days. Here are a few.

Dan Keyt of Brimfield was joined on Saturday by his 9-year-old daughter, Bree. “Out of the blue, she asked to go and I couldn’t resist. It was a very special afternoon with just her and I walking around looking at trails and deer sign. As we walked down one of the trails, I told her to go one way and I followed another path and about 50 yards later she found this nice 4-point. It was awesome to see the look on her face as she held her trophy. Bree has gone with us before, but she had never found one of her own, until Saturday. Her brothers were giving her some grief about all the ones they have, but she didn’t care. She carried it around all day.”

Illinois hunting and fishing

Saturday was also productive for Jim Mordacq of Springfield.

“Found one lying on the ground adjacent to a creek. I’ve read that a creek crossing or fence crossing are good places to look because the antler is jarred loose. I’m still seeing some bucks with antlers but now is the time to start hitting the woods.”

Illinois hunting and fishing

Not everyone was so lucky. Kevin Chapman spent time in the woods Saturday and reports he found several matched sets. Only problem was, he couldn’t catch up to them.

Illinois hunting and fishing