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Marc Anthony of Goodfield owns and operates Look Alive Taxidermy and Non Typical Hunter magazine. Anthony grew up in central Illinois and spent eight years as a commercial pilot before giving that up to spend more time with his wife Jan and three children, Victoria, Drake and Elesa. Anthony hunted on and off as a child but started seriously at age 30 and focuses on bowhunting for deer and turkeys. He's arrowed four bucks that meet the Boone and Crockett Club (net) standards and 20 Pope and Young Club qualifiers. Anthony is on the Pro Staff for Muzzy broadheads, Bear Archery, Vital Gear, Natural Predator, Non Typical Hunter and several other companies. He also is a member of the Outdoor writers Association of America, OWAA.


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Illinois hunting and fishing

Prepping for archery season

August 30, 2009 at 04:09 PM

All indicators are pointing towards a really good year for all bow hunters across the Midwest! Mild summer weather, plenty of water and crops that didn’t fry before the August heat are all reasons to indicate there will be less stress on the deer herd. Managing issues still abound in some states and probably will for some time but healthy animals are still expected (and many trail camera pictures are backing up that theory).

I’m off to Kentucky soon, as their bow season starts on the 5th of September, those lucky dogs! Although I won’t be there near the opening day, I’m getting ready for my out-of-state trips this week. In doing so, I got the idea to prepare and treat my hunting clothes in “pairs” before I store them in plastic containers. I use Natural Predator’s “Tru-Carbon” H2O to treat my clothing, which is an activated carbon treatment that sucks up and destroys any scent given to it. It basically turns any garment into a carbon suit. Since I’ll be on the road, I’ve decided to treat multiple sets of clothing, bag them and have them ready for use. I’ve now decided to do the same for my local hunts as it would be more convenient to come home, wash and put on a fresh set, instead of having to wait until my clothes get clean. Once in the woods, I’ll also bring my Tru-Carbon powder to eat the odor around me as I’ll most likely be on the ground 2/3’s of the time.

My truck is going to be stacked full of back-up equipment as it never fails, for me anyway, that when I plan to go somewhere far from home, it’s inevitable that something will break, get lost, etc. I’ll have many duplicates of my new carbon Lumen-Arrows (that I really like), multiple Muzzy broadheads, (in every shape, size and form), tools, knives and anything else that I can think that I may need in a disastrous situation. I’m even bringing my Bowpix camera mount system for my bow as I’m going to video a hunt or two!

I’ve got 4 nice bucks on camera from one of my hunting spots, that I’m really anticipating to hunt. One appears to be a 6X6 booner but I won’t know for sure unless I’m able to see it in person. I’m hoping that it doesn’t get “picture shrinkage” if I am lucky enough to see it, as I’ve been losing sleep thinking about this buck for a couple weeks now. This is pathetic, isn’t it? A grown man acting like a 10 year old child waiting for Christmas morning? This whitetail hunting thing really is an addiction! Do they make a whitetail’s anonymous support group? If so, don’t tell my wife, as I would like to remain addicted!

This will be my second season using my Mathews DXT, so I’m looking forward in not lugging around my old Oneida Arrow-Force, which weighed a ton (not to mention that it was a long as a football field). I guess I shouldn’t be so hard on that old bow as we go a long way back and have taken some really nice deer and turkey together as a team. Nevertheless, fast and light is always a plus anymore and I’ll welcome the change! Attached to my DXT this year will be my Vital Pro arrow rest and sights that I’m also looking forward in using. Technology has come a long way in the last few years and Vital Gear demonstrates it well with both of these new products. Not having to use archaic equipment is always a plus!

OK, back to packing and planning. What will I forget?





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