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Marc Anthony of Goodfield owns and operates Look Alive Taxidermy and Non Typical Hunter magazine. Anthony grew up in central Illinois and spent eight years as a commercial pilot before giving that up to spend more time with his wife Jan and three children, Victoria, Drake and Elesa. Anthony hunted on and off as a child but started seriously at age 30 and focuses on bowhunting for deer and turkeys. He's arrowed four bucks that meet the Boone and Crockett Club (net) standards and 20 Pope and Young Club qualifiers. Anthony is on the Pro Staff for Muzzy broadheads, Bear Archery, Vital Gear, Natural Predator, Non Typical Hunter and several other companies. He also is a member of the Outdoor writers Association of America, OWAA.


Non-typical Hunter

A Web log by Marc Anthony

Getting Things Ready!

September 02, 2010 at 02:58 PM

With less than 30 days left for opening day bow season, I thought I’d better get ready! I always forget something, so if I get everything out and tested now, I’ll have no surprises when Oct. 1st. arrives. Some things I do when getting ready also involve getting my head together! My mental checklist is an important one because it requires me to think of things I don’t think of during the off season. Here’s what I tell myself weeks before my first hunt:

1. When field scoring a buck before I shoot, make sure I go directly to the G-4 tine if it has one. If it has one, make sure it is at least 4” tall because chances are if it is, it will be in the 150” range. If it doesn’t, it better have tall eye brow tines or it will most likely be under size for my taste. FYI, I choose to do this because I would rather let a 140” walk and grow. I simply don’t need another 140” buck. Years ago I would have loved to shoot a 140”, so it’s a personal goal for me! There’s nothing wrong for anyone to shoot a 140” or less deer! I thought I’d better add that to be politically correct (and because I actually believe it) !

2. Test the bow with the BROADHEADS and not the field points! They always fly differently. I know, I know, someone will say “Mine don’t” but trust me, it’s better to test them as you’re going to hunt with them. It avoids the statement: “He jumped the string” or anything similar grin

3. Better pack a knife now because I always seem to need one for something!

4. Fanny pack for food and water.

5. Spare bow packed.

6. Band Aids/ first aid kit.

7. If you’re using a ground blind, test it now! FYI, these guys make a pop-up blind that literally “pop’s up” in a flash: They’re the best I’ve ever seen!

8. Make sure you have your no-scent sprays purchased now! Never wait until opening week to but anything, especially these days! With the economy in the slump, more companies avoid keeping too much inventory.

9. Oh yes, get your tag now or you may forget.

10. Rubber gloves for field dressing. I used to be all rough and tough but in my tender old age, I hate having blood and guts stuck under my finger nails all day long when I’m away from fresh water. They’re cheap!
Now if you want to consider some other stuff, here’s some stuff you may want to look at! A company called Big Game Drag Glove makes, you guessed it, a big game drag glove that really gives you a mechanical advantage when dragging your dead deer. They’re priced very reasonable and make easier work out of moving your deer. Check them out at: If you want to film your bow hunt on a budget, pick up a Bowpix bracket so you can mount your digital camera to your bow. It is a good alternative to hauling a huge camera and bracket! . If you hate bugs like I do, pick up a Thermacell! They work! In fact, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like them. OK, now I’ll get someone to email me to say differently :-(

Bottom line: Start thinking now! I’ll post some other stuff in the near future. Happy hunting!


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