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Sunsets and silhouettes are like slam dunks in basketball. They’re only worth two points - just like any other basket. But the crowd loves them. We serious photographers tend to scoff at them, especially when we are hanging out with other serious photographers. Truth is, the rule is the same as for any other trick or technique. Don’t overuse it. Save it for when it really works and then the truly good pictures won’t be diluted by a bunch of average ones.

This photo was taken on a Sunday afternoon drive around Lake Sangchris and Lake Springfield on Sept. 2 This great blue heron was near the East Boat Dock. Exposure is for the highlights. With the digital preview function, it is easy to see if your exposure is correct or not, a big improvement over the film days when we had to drive back to the office to find out we messed it up. Take a drive with your camera this weekend.

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