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There’s not a photographer alive that wouldn’t like a second chance at a photo. Even the ones that turn out could be better it seems.

In nature, there are rarely second chances.

And this was made startlingly clear recently when I revisited the site of one of my favorite pictures taken last year.

The scene is at a savanna restoration in Menard County where crews have thinned the canopy to allow sunlight in between the oaks. Plant life flourished, including these Penstemons that eagerly re-colonized an eroding bluff.

Illinois Outdoors

Returning to the same spot in early June, things had changed. The Sangamon River had flooded the valley below and the hillside. Saturated by heavy rains, the bluff had slumped off and slid to the bottom. The Penstemons went with it.

Illinois Outdoors

It will be interesting to see in a year or two if they make a comeback.

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