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Even the pictures make it look cold outside.

All except for this doe that was chewing contently while resting in the snow Monday afternoon.

If the picture says anything, it is that wild birds and animals found in the Midwest are supremely adapted to all kinds of weather.

Imagine how long you would be comfortable sitting outside in the snow at - 8 degrees F.

Sundogs form on either side of the sun late Monday afternoon.

A Canada goose sporting a yellow neck band has ice clinging to its feathers.

An American tree sparrow forages for something to eat in a snowy landscape.

Canada geese, common and hooded mergansers, canvasbacks, lesser scaup and other ducks find open water near the power plant on the shores of Lake Springfield.

Canada geese rest on the ice

A common goldeneye bobs on the cold, windy surface of Lake Springfield.

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