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Lights and Darks

June 20, 2008 at 01:35 PM

Illinois Outdoors

The harsh, speckled light that comes with summer often is cursed by photographers. They try to overrule it with fill flash, or turn to shooting everything backlit. Photographers will do anything to keep the light pleasing and even during the months when the sun is strong, hot and straight overhead.

Sometimes, though, one just has to go with the flow.

In this case, juxtaposing the extreme light and dark areas of a photo can combine for a pleasing combination. The top photo makes use of a plant in the background that has swayed into the sunlight enough to set off the dark butterfly and even allow its antennae remain visible.

In the next photo, the breeze has pushed the plant out of the sun and the butterfly merges into the dark background.

Illinois Outdoors

The bottom photo has strong lines due to the giant swallowtail’s brilliant yellow markings, but the outline of the butterfly is lost.

Illinois Outdoors

This technique is best tried when a safe photo already is in the bag.

It doesn’t always work, and requires a little good fortune.

However, working with the sun - and exposing for the highlights - can produce some surprising and pleasing results.

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