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Showing movement through sequences

March 20, 2010 at 07:58 AM

Illinois hunting and fishing

Let’s face it. Still pictures don’t move.

But there remain a few tools in the photographer’s toolbox to show movement or change over time.

One way is to combine pictures into a sequence or series. This works especially well over long periods of time. For example, take a picture the day the new prairie is planted. Then take additional pictures from the same spot as the site changes over the years. We do this already. Many of us have a favorite spot where we photograph our kids every year.

Some sequences play out fairly quickly, as in the case of three turkeys cresting a hill, alert for danger. It was fun to watch them and imagine them cajoling each other to be the first. This is a technique that works some of the time. Don’t force it. Don’t leave home convinced that you are going to make a series. Let the pictures dictate the best way to tell the story.

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