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Tyler Doty’s 9-pointer

October 05, 2009

Illinois hunting and fishing

Trophy Tidbits

Scorable Points: 9

Kill Date: Oct. 5, 2009

County: Sangamon

Season: Bow

EDITOR’S NOTE: Here in the words of Springfield bowhunter Tyler Doty is the story of his hunt for a big Sangamon County 9-point buck.

Well, I work a full-time job as a lawn-care tech, and for that, Oct. 5 was OK. The forecast called for the wind that afternoon to be out of the east/southeast. Completely wrong for my stand! A little warmer than I would like also.

So I had made the decision early on that morning while heading to work to forego hunting that evening. Instead, I told my girlfriend we would go out and have a nice dinner ... something we don’t do very often. She agreed and the plans were made. I didn’t give much thought to the big deer that I had glassed two days before season while out scouting. Like I said, nothing about that day was playing to my advantage for hunting.

I went about the day, work as usual. I got off work that evening looking forward to the dinner that was to come ... I was hungry! I arrived home about 4:15 p.m. I asked what time we should go to dinner, and got an unexpected response.

” I don’t feel very good,” she said. What came next was the real mind blower. ” Why don’t you go hunting?” What?

You see, I spend a lot of time in the tree stand and sometimes it causes a little tension in the home. So to be told to go was not expected. Well, I thought, it’s warm and the wind is completely wrong. I decided that I would just stay home and do some things around the house. That lasted exactly until the next time it was suggested that I go hunting!

So with a moments notice, I was gathering my things to head to the tree. The whole way out, the thought kept flashing in my mind that I was a fool to even try. Big deer don’t get that way by being dumb!

I must have sprayed down 3 or 4 times while in the tree. By 6:15 p.m. I had seen nothing at all. Now I really felt silly. Bad wind, bad temp, bad idea. “They must smell me,” I thought. Then at about 6:25 the doe parade began. They filed out….1,..2,..3,...all the way up to 16!!

Unfortunately, they were moving out at about 120 yards from me. And not one buck. All does and yearlings. However, at approximately 6:35 p.m. one of the last does to move across the field paused and looked my direction. Only she wasn’t looking at me, her attention was on something down the fencerow to the south of me.

I quickly turned my attention down the treeline and caught a glimpse of rack in the trees and brush. This deer had managed to get to within 50 yards of me without me knowing. He had his head down feeding and only allowed me to know that he had a rack on his head. I quickly grabbed my video camera and got what i figured would be the only thing I got to see of him.

After a very short bit of video, he did what I thought, and disappeared back into the brush headed away.  After he had gone, I rewound the tape to get a better idea of his size. With only about 15 minutes of shooting light left, as I was viewing the footage, to my amazement he popped back out of the treeline at only about 35 yards. I didn’t even have time to get stuck on his rack.

I grabbed my Mathews Reezen from it’s hanger and readied for the shot. After a pause, he proceeded directly in front of me at 25 yards! As he began to pass, I came to full draw. He stopped at a slight quartering away angle. I settled my pin at his mid-body as to send the arrow right up into the boiler-room.

I released and the arrow found its mark. The arrow didn’t, however, make a complete pass through. He ran about 60 yards back to where I had first seen him, and just stood. A worried feeling came over me instantly. I took my eyes away to get another arrow ready, and when I looked back, he was gone!

Now I was really worried! Not only didn’t I see him fall, now I didn’t even nnow where he went!!  I waited well after dark to climb out of the stand. When I hit the ground, I didn’t even look. I headed for the house. With no exit wound the tracking would be near impossible. I needed to get some lights and some help.

After about an hour of going almost crazy with the “what-ifs”, we headed out to look. I started right where I had last seen him standing and he was not there. However, well within the distance of the beam of my light I saw one tine sticking up out of the grass.” Here he is!” I yelled. And as I approached him, for the first time in a long time, he got bigger!

He was a brute head to toe. His body was massive! And his rack was just as impressive. A big 9-pointer with three tines that stretched 13 inches. It was all two of us could do to drag him. My best guess without exaggerrating, is that he weighed around 300 pounds on the hoof. I’m not kidding!

Put it this way, Oct. 5 and his neck measured 24 inches behind the base of his head! He wound up green scoring 155 inches. Not a Booner, but a very big deer. My biggest. I guessed he was 4 1/2- 5 1/2 years old.  Just a bunch of crazy dumb luck! I’ll take it though.

P.S.- And we did get to go out to dinner the following evening. I guess it all worked out. Haha

Illinois hunting and fishing

Illinois hunting and fishing

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