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Ty Dermer’s Day to Remember

December 31, 2011

Illinois hunting and fishing Illinois hunting and fishing Illinois hunting and fishing

Trophy Tidbits

Scorable Points: 12

Kill Date: 19 Nov 2011

County: Henderson

Season: Shotgun

The morning of November 19, my father and I were preparing for the morning hunt. While trying to decide what stand to go to, we decided to flip a coin to see who got the first pick. I won and chose a stand set that was on the edge of bedding area where we had been seeing several good buck during bow season. The only problem was this stand was a hit or miss: some days you see no deer; some days you see a lot.

Lo and behold, it was a good day. Before it was even legal shooting hours, I had two deer come in off the field and walk right under me with the wind from the south, and since most of the deer come from the south, I thought I was sitting good. Now it was just time to wait at first light. I had a nice doe come in downwind of me, but I chose not to shoot, hoping for a good buck. At about 8 am, I turned to look behind me when I saw a young 8-point in a scrape when all of the sudden I heard a loud thunderous grunt come from towards the 8 pointer. I could see no other deer.

Then, like a freight train, a huge 12 pointer started running the little buck off. Offering no shot, he was in my sights then gone, wondering if this was it for me. I just kept thinking to myself, what a giant this deer was. The deer now gone out of sight, it was closing in on 9:45 am. I was thinking about getting ready to get out of the stand, thinking all the action was over, when out of the corner of my eye I saw movement to the north straight downwind of me at about 120 yards coming my direction on a slow walk.

Closing the distance fast, it was as if he was in range in only seconds. He came in and stopped at 75 yards with his head in the air. I could tell he was winding me and was about to bust; I slowly aimed, thinking this was a nice 8 pointer I had seen several times bowhunting. The brush was thick and the only shot I had was straight on at his chest. I took a deep breath and let the Remington 1100 20-gauge do its job—one shot and the deer bolted, thinking I had missed. My heart now sank. The only thing I could think was how did I miss one knowing the gun is dead on at 100 yards. What did I do wrong? Did I hit a tree? Over and over in my head.

My father sent me a text asking if i got one; all I could say was I don’t think so. Just then, in the woods the direction the deer had ran, I heard something making a gasping sound, then nothing. Not sure what it was, I sent my farther a message about it. He said sit tight, I’ll be over after a bit and we can go check and see if I hit him. So I got down and walked over to where I shot at the deer. There was no sign of blood or hair anywhere. Now I was really getting upset with myself. When my father arrived, we decided to get about 60 yards apart and walk in the direction the deer ran. After going about 75 yards, my father yelled, HEY, GET OVER HERE I know by the tone in his voice that he had found the deer and it was no ordinary deer.

When I arrived at the deer, I was in total shock, never dreaming this deer was this big. Thinking he was only and average 8 pointer. He had 12 points with 2 broken tines and about 5 inches of his right G2 broken. One of the broken tines looks as though it would have had good size coming off the inside of the left main beam—about a 3-inch diameter area. He carries a 10 point main frame. My rough score came to 167 3/8. I plan to take him to the 2012 deer and turkey classic in Peoria in March to get an official score done.

Ty Dermer

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