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Steve Renner’s 11 Pointer

December 18, 2010

Illinois hunting and fishing

Trophy Tidbits

Scorable Points: 11

Kill Date: 12-9-2010

County: Livingston

Season: Bow

On Dec. 9, 2010, a few buddies and I talked about either going back to bed or toughing out the 1 degree temperature with no wind! I decided to go out and try to fill one of my last two tags that I had left. I was in search for a buck but would be happy to settle for a doe.

I had three does come in really early in the morning, and I was not able to see my pins on my bow. I stood up just in case they stayed in the area. They milled around my stand for 30 minutes, then one of the does spotted me. She stomped her feet looking at me and the rest went into alert. They all did not move one inch for about 15 minutes. I was then able to see my pins, so I grabbed my bow and then started to turn into position. When I was turning into position, my stand creaked and the larger doe looked right at me. The others walked off, but the older doe would not take her eyes off of me. She then trotted off to meet up with the rest of the does. I then watched them as they walked away.

About 20 minutes later I saw legs on the same path that the does were on. I then go into position to shoot the same trail early so that the stand did not creak. As the deer got closer, I saw that it was a shooter buck. I took my eyes off of the rack and then put my eyes on the body. I waited for the deer to go behind some trees to draw my bow. When I got to full draw, he came out from behind the trees in my shooting hole at 25 yards. I grunted using my mouth and the buck stopped. I then let the arrow fly!

The buck wheeled around and took off running like he was shot out of a cannon! He ran about 60 yards to edge of woods and stopped. Then he walked with his tail tucked and back arched up. I knew he was hit hard. I got down about a hour later and started to track the blood. It was good blood, and then I found where the buck bedded down and got up, then bedded again and got up a second time. After finding the second bed, I backed out and figured I shot a little back.

I called a friend who said he would be out. I was walking out when I was talking to him, and then I spotted what appeared to be corn stalks in the winter wheat field. I knew that it was beans, so I went to look at what it was, and to my shock, it was a 4 point shed antler. I then told my buddy that I would come into town and pick him up after I got my camera. I picked up my camera and my buddy, then we got back on the blood trail.

We tracked the blood for 200 yards when the buck crossed the icy river. We went to the other side to find a few more beds from the buck. We got into the timber again, and the next thing we knew, the buck jumped up and took off running. He ran another 30 yards when he crossed the river and bedded right away. We could see him from where we were at. So we crossed back over the river again. I went to find the bed he was in, and then I followed the blood and tracks in the snow, when not even 20 yards from the last bed he died in some CRP grass.

I yelled to my buddy that I had him and he came running over. We both gave each other high fives and took pics of him. He was a lot bigger than what I thought.

This is my first Pope & Young and can not wait to have him officially scored. I grossed scored him at 141 4/8 and Pope & Young “Unofficial” score of 127 2/8 inches. He had just over 12 inches in deduction from being all beat up.

What a day that will never die in my mind! I not only killed the biggest deer of my life I found a 4 point shed on top of it!

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