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Steve Mumaw’s 8-pointer

November 21, 2008

Illinois hunting and fishing

Trophy Tidbits

Scorable Points: 8

Kill Date: Nov. 21, 2008

County: Schuyler

Season: Shotgun

EDITOR’S NOTE: Here in the words of Steve Mumaw is the story of his hunt for an 8-point buck.

I have been deer hunting for about 22 years and all that I have mainly killed have been does. I was sitting around the campfire on Thursday night listening to all the guys tell stories of years past when they have killed a buck on opening day. Next thing I know it all got silent and the guys gave me an award for being the only one to have not killed a buck. That despite me having said I would for years and even paying money to the big-buck contest.

The award they gave me was a prank made up deer head made out of wool socks. Below it read a sign that said it was Bobby Joe Buck and that he died of old age and survived many years of being chased by me.

I thought Ha!Ha! great here we go another year of donating the money to the biggest buck contest and getting laughed at at the end.

The next morning I set out with my father and 4-year-old son to my box blind my father had made for me. He made the blind beacuse I had gone through two back surgeries in the past two hunting seasons that made me miss out on hunting. We were walking back and going over the plans of the day of what time we were going to meet at the truck and etc. I told my Dad that I brought my grunt call and rattle bag. He said once that first slug flies all the calls are out the window.

So my son and I sat in the blind freezing our hind ends off. By 8:30 a.m. I had heard a total of about 10 shots, none close enough to even startle my son.

At that point I decided to try the grunt and bag. So I grunted three times and then rattled the bag like a wild man. Next thing I knew, a big buck ran into the field with steam blazing from his snout. He looked ready for a fight and presented me a 60-yard shot.

After I shot he jumped into the air and hit the ground running. So I fired again at him and then he was gone. I knew I hit him, so we got out of the stand and began to walk over to where we saw him last. I was walking along thinking to myself, “Is this the year? Did the ice finally break? Is the monkey finally off my back and on someone else’s?”

We finally got to the spot and I could not find blood at first. Finally just as I was about to step down I saw a red color on the leaf on the ground. I picked it up and there was the blood. Once my dad arrived we looked and looked and finally dad spotted more blood. He led us across the field and down into a draw. There the buck was, dead in a creek.

We cleaned him out and took him to camp and everyone looked like they had just seen a ghost. It felt so great to rub that buck in especially after the night before. Long story short, the other guys spent the weekend out in the cold and all they saw were does. They wound up shooting four does and I got the only buck. For a change.

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