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Roger Phelps 17 -pointer

December 10, 2010

Illinois hunting and fishing

Trophy Tidbits

Scorable Points: 17

Kill Date: Nov 6, 2010

County: Hamilton

Season: Bow

This deer is known as the backyard buck.  We first spotted this deer last year on Dec 8th.  I had came home from work sick one morning and seen some deer standing in the woods behind my house.  When I got home I looked out the kitchen window, and they were getting closer.  My wife ended up getting this deer on video tape out the window.  Then we didn’t see this deer again.  We ended up finding this deers sheds on Feb 27th. 

Bow season rolled around this year, and I hadn’t even seen anything very big. I didn’t even feel like going hunting.  I had been one time.  My wife and I were headed to Rural King on Nov 5th.  We were going down the road and we saw a doe crossing the road in front of us.  I knew there was probably a buck not far behind.  As we got closer, I was right, the buck was standing right beside the road.  He was huge!  He ran across the road into a patch of trees that leads up to my wife’s parents. 

I got on my phone and called my wife’s dad.  I told him to go out side and look and see if this buck was behind his house. He was, he was walking up the fence row.  By that time I called my brother and he had made it over there to see him.  Me and my brother talked and we decided to go hunting over there in the morning.  My oldest brother kept telling me that the deer isn’t going to still be there.  I had this feeling that he was, so what would it hurt.  He is the biggest deer I had seen the whole year and this was only going to be my second time hunting.  So we got up and went. 

I hadn’t seen anything.  My wife calls it is about 8:20 and all of a sudden I get a glimpse of some does.  I told her I have to go.  I keep looking and there is a buck behind them.  It was him!  I text her and my brother and tell them.  They walk on by, not close enough to shoot.  I’m thinking great I am not going to get a shot.  Then all of a sudden the does turn around and walk right under my stand.  I knew he would be close, so I keep looking and here he came.  I drew my bow back when he wasn’t looking. It felt like it took forever.  I could see the leaves in the tree I was in shaken.  The thing was there was no wind blowing.  I was making them shake. 

I got an open shot and took it.  The buck kicked and then took off.  I watched him for a little while, then I started feeling bad.  I had to set down before I fell out of my tree stand. I got my phone out and called my brother that had went hunting with me.  I couldn’t hardly talk. He asked if I was ok. I told him ya.  I had just shot that deer.  He told me to sit down be for I fell out of my stand.  I told him I already was.  I then called my wife and told her all about it.  I sat there for a little while, then I got down.  I left everything in the woods.  My stand still hooked on the tree, my bow laying beside it.  I picked my brother up on the 4-wheeler, and we headed to my wife’s parents house.  I didn’t want to rush the deer.  I wanted him to have time to die.  We went to my dad’s house and got the sheds that I had taken over there that morning.  Then we went for a drive. We had been gone for around an hour and half. 

We then went looking for him.  We looked and looked found blood then lost it.  We had just given up when my my brother hollers I see a deer.  I jumped up and ran over there.  It was him! I jumped on his back and picked up his rack.  I let out a big war whoop!  If you were out side you could have heard me.  I couldn’t believe his rack!  It had 17 score able points.  It ended up grossing 208 5/8 green score.  Hope you enjoyed my story about my back yard buck.  I am sure proud of it and glad to tell you my story.

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