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Brian Hoekstra’s lucky charm

October 01, 2010

Illinois hunting and fishing

Trophy Tidbits

Scorable Points: 8

Kill Date: Nov 2009 first season

County: jefferson

Season: Shotgun

This story is not about my buck, but I was there hunting with my buddy, Brian Hoekstra, when took it.  It was the last morning of the first shotgun season Nov. 2009.  I had already tagged two does for the freezer, and my buddy had only seen two deer all weekend.  He asked where he should hunt because his usual spots were not producing.  I told him where I would hunt if I still had a tag and offered to get up in the morning with him and his 11 year old and try and videotape the hunt. 

The last time I told him where to go and accompanied him on the hunt, he shot his first and only buck, a small 6 pointer.  I was in a tree stand looking around and he was on the ground hunting.  He does not like tree stands.  Ten minutes after we got into position, I had seen a small 6 pointer trotting along the timber’s edge.  I got my buddies attention and mouthed BUCK with a point in the direction of the deer.  He responded with a flip of the bird.  I guess he thought I was messing around with him.  Finally, he must have thought twice about his actions because I was not letting up with the pointing and mouthing buck.  He turned around just in time to see it and take the 20 yard shot. 

We set up in a similar scenario last Nov.  I was in a tree stand looking around and he was on the ground with his 11-year-old son.  We were on a point of a very long and narrow row of trees.  The nearest timber was a quarter mile away.  He was pretty unsure of the spot, but I know the local Amish take deer on this point every year.  It was about two hours after sunrise when I spotted a deer running way off, ½ of a mile.  It stood out it the cut fields.  I told my buddy that I had finally seen a deer.  It was running in our direction, but there were two stretches of timber it could go to before it would make it to our Funnel.  It had started to turn towards a big set of timber when it stopped dead in its tracks.  I looked out and seen a truck stopped on the road.  The deer had noticed the truck as well and was looking in its direction.  The deer started running again and veered away from its original path straight towards us.  I told my buddy to get ready but the deer was still a long ways off.  In the mean time I got my video camera out and ready.  The deer was getting closer and I could tell that it was a buck.  I relayed the information down.  Closer and Closer the deer was coming, I now told him it was a good buck.  There was a huge pile of brush on the end of the point and they could not see the deer.  When the deer was about a hundred yards off I told him it was coming fast and would probably go right between our point and the pasture fence where there was a huge path worn down by the deer.  My buddy leaned against the tree with the gun to his shoulder waiting for the deer he could not see.  I had started tapping the deer as it got closer.  I glanced down as the deer was only was only 25 yards from us, to see my buddy staring up at me, he still could not see it.  I gave him a stern point towards the deer, indicating that he would see it in about 2 seconds.  I was ready to get my first deer hunt on video.  Being with someone and experiencing their hunt is just as exciting as hunting yourself.  From where I was, it looked like he was able to take the shot, I kept wondering what he was waiting for.  Finally he seen it and took the shot.  It looked a little high and far back on the viewfinder.  The deer took off running and he took two more shots as it was going.  I knew one of the two shots hit, as the deer took a noticeable stumble.  I quit recording and continued to look for the deer that now ran into the field of tall grass surrounding a lake.  After looking for a couple of minutes, I got down out of the stand to congratulate my Buddy.  He was shaking and his boy was going crazy.  This was the biggest buck he had ever seen while hunting let alone shot at.  I was just as excited to share the moment with him and the fact that we got it all on tape was even better. 

I told him the first shot looked a little high and far back, so we should wait for a while.  Reluctantly, he agreed so we walked over to the spot where the deer was shot and found part of a liver.  Confirming what I thought was a high and far back shot.  I knew if we just waited we would find the deer.  I also believed that seeing the deer stumble on his later shots was a good sign of a better hit.  So we decided to do like they do on the TV programs.  Lets go review the film and see what it looks like.  I pressed rewind for a little bit and started rolling the film.  All we could view was a blue screen.  In all the excitement, I forgot to hit the record button.  I was beside myself with apologies.  He did not care; he just shot the biggest buck of his life.  He was more concerned about retrieving his deer.  After a long wait, we tracked the deer and eventually found it.  It was only about 200 yards from where we were set up.  It was a beautiful 8 pointer with long G2’s.  He did a green score of about 130’s.  This might not be a trophy to some people, but it sure was the most exciting hunt I have been on and I did not even take a shot. 

I’m sure I will catch grief this year about the mishap in deer camp, but I’ll be sure to remind him that without me he won’t even see a buck.  The two times I was with him, he has taken the only two bucks he has ever shot. He his already asking if I would join him on his hunt.  I guess he thinks I’m his lucky charm.

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