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Justin Stuva’s 10 pointer

November 04, 2010

Illinois hunting and fishing

Trophy Tidbits

Scorable Points: 10

Kill Date: 10/29/10

County: Mclean

Season: Bow

4:30 - I get off work and race home to change clothes and head out to the deer stand.  Throughout the spring and summer I have had trail cams around a new property that I got permission to hunt.

All signs led to a water hole on the property.  Because of the warm weather we’ve experienced this summer, the only water on the property is in this water hole.

On any given night numerous deer are coming to get a drink.  So in late summer I put a deer stand up overlooking the water hole.  The wind was blowing the right direction, so I knew it’d be a good evening to use this stand.

5:15 - I hear something approaching and sure enough I see a deer.  I see that it is a buck, but after closer inspection I notice it isn’t quite big enough to shoot.  It got within 24 yards broadside and walked past me.

5:30 - I hear another deer approaching the water hole.  About 50 yards in front of me is a beautiful buck heading right towards the water hole.  My bow is laying across my lap and I know if I reach for it, the buck will see me move.

5:33 -  The buck walks into the water hole and my heart has never beat so fast in my life.  He walks right up to the bank and looks up into my tree.  At this point he is only 5 yards from me!  I am squinting through my facemask and praying that he won’t run off.  After what seemed like forever (it was probably only about 15 seconds) he looks away and begins drinking.

5:35 - As I sit in my stand I am just waiting for the right moment to lift my bow.  It just so happened that two squirrels on the opposite side of the water hole began to chatter, so the buck lifted his head and looked away.  It was just the right amount of time to lift my bow and wait for an opportunity to draw back.

5:37 - He looks back up at the squirrels and I go to full draw.  He them decides he is done drinking and begins to walk out of the water hole.  I bleat at him to get him to stop and it startles him.  He jumps out of the water hole but stops perfectly broad side 10 yards away.

I pull the trigger and SMACK, he runs off and I instantly know that I have just killed the largest buck of my life.  He ran 50 yards and fell over.  I am currently 25 and shot my first deer when I was 10.  My dad and hunting buddies have all shot nice deer and an estactic wave came over me!  It took me 15 years to finally get a deer worthy of putting on the wall!

5:45 -  I gather my belongings and walk to my prize.  He was 215 live weight and 175 field dressed.  He had one point that was broken off but I didn’t realize that until I walked up to the deer.

He may not be the largest deer ever, but I have waited patiently for 15 years for a nice deer to get within shooting range and I will never forget October 29th, 2010!

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