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John Soehn’s 9-pointer

September 22, 2010

Illinois hunting and fishing

Trophy Tidbits

Scorable Points: 9

Kill Date: Nov. 8, 2007

County: Peoria

Season: Bow

On the morning of November 8th, 2007,  the day started out bad.  I got up late.  Because I got up late, I decided to hunt my nearest stand.  As I approached my stand, it was already starting to get light out.  I climbed into my stand, buckled in, and sent my wife a text as I do at the start of every hunt.  At exactly 6:20am, I sent the text, “In the Hornet Stand.  Have a great day.” 

The Hornet Stand got its name from me being stung by about a dozen or so hornets while clearing shooting lanes the previous summer.  I sent the text and put my phone back in my pocket.  Right at that moment I heard that distinct sound of deer feet in the leaves behind me.  It took me a bit to find him, but there he was, about 50 yards behind me making a rub.  All I thought was, the wind is perfect and he’s on a trail that heads straight toward me.  When he finished trashing the tree, he put his head down and walked at a steady pace right toward me. 

I drew back when he was at about 30 yards behind me and to the left.  As I watched the buck, I actually thought of passing on him because he didn’t look much bigger than a buck I had taken just a few days prior.  When he got to within eleven yards, he stopped.  He was quartering at me very slightly.  At this point I got a much better look at him and knew that he was mature, so I let my arrow go.  The arrow crashed into his right shoulder angling back perfectly.  The buck ran right at my tree and stopped about 25 yards directly to my right…that’s when I knew he was mine. 

Within just a couple seconds of stopping, he started the dizzy stance and dropped without another move.  He died on his feet.  I knocked up another arrow (just in case) and retrieved my phone from my pocket.  At exactly 6:24am I sent, “BBD” to my wife.  Four minutes in the stand to send two texts, knock up an arrow, and shoot a big buck.  After about twenty minutes in the stand, I climbed down to check out my buck.  No ground shrinkage at all.  He got bigger and bigger as I got closer.  When I finally stood over him, I couldn’t believe the size of his body.  I’ve shot big bodied deer before, but not this big.  This guy dressed out at 253 pounds!  Not a bad morning after all.  Oh, and it took an actual phone call to my wife to make her believe me.  I guess it just didn’t seem right to get two texts four minutes apart and the second one saying, “BBD.” 

John Soehn
Peoria County

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