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Jason McDonald’s 11-pointer

November 10, 2009

Illinois hunting and fishing

Trophy Tidbits

Scorable Points: 11

Kill Date: Nov. 10, 2009

County: Brown

Season: Bow

EDITOR’S NOTE: Here in the words of bowhunter Jason McDonald of Alpharetta, Ga is the story of his hunt for an 11-point Brown County buck.

It was drizzling rain and a little windy the morning of Nov. 10. I left early for the afternoon hunt around 1 p.m. I had a spot on our farm that is our go-to spot, especially when it’s rainy and windy. It’s a huge cow pasture that has a huge draw running right through the middle that is littered with cedars and oaks. To the west about 100 yards is corn and beans and to the east about 100 yards is corn and directly behind the stand to the north is a huge block of timber.

So this spot is just a natural funnel especially on a day like Nov. 10. The deer can lay low out of the wind and they seemingly love cedar thickets when it’s drizzling rain.

I climbed into my stand and got settled in about 1:30 p.m. The day was slow with absolutely no activity. At about 2:30 I was scanning the draw and turned behind me towards the northeast to scan the timber behind me and the oak ridge to my left. I didn’t see anything so I slowly turned back around to my right and scanned the draw on that side of my stand.

Aout 3 minutes later I turned back to my left where I had just been looking and I saw a deer bedded down under a cedar tree that was not there 3 or 4 minutes ago. As I looked through my binoculars I could tell that it was a good buck, however I didn’t know if he was a shooter. I videoed the buck bedded down and actually watched him lay his head on the ground sideways and go to sleep like a horse. That was the first time I had ever seen that happen. I’ve had deer bed down on me before but, never like this.

I watched him for about 20 minutes then he decided to leave. He stood up, turned, and went back the way he had came from. When he got behind the cedar tree I blew a couple of times on my heat bleat call and then I growled at him three times and he came out from behind that cedar tree and made a B-line straight to the stand.

As he was coming off the ridge is when I could tell he had some real nice, tall G-2’s so I decided to take him if he gave me the oppourtunity. The buck came to within 30 yards of the stand and turned broadside and I thought it was now or never so I drew back, gave him the ole “murrr,”, and sent the arrow flying. He bolted, ran about 60 yards and I watched him expire from the stand.

What a great day! He’s not a monster, but he’s my biggest bow buck to date. He green scored 127. He is a typical main frame 10 with about a 1 inch kicker off his right G-2. The most outstanding feature of this buck was that he weighed in at 220 pounds and was my heaviest deer to date. Seven days earlier I had harvested a doe that weighed 160 pounds

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