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Dawson’s twenty ten-ten

November 03, 2010

Illinois hunting and fishing Illinois hunting and fishing Illinois hunting and fishing

Trophy Tidbits

Scorable Points: 10

Kill Date: 11-2-10

County: Peoria

Season: Bow

Dawson, my 5-year-old son, has been getting into the deer hunting excitement for the last couple years.  He loves to practice along with me and has some luck every once and awhile with getting his arrow to stick in the target. Over the years I have gotten him several sheds to which he proudly displays to everyone.  And of course grandpa’s picture with his big buck has been daunting me. This year I decided he was big enough to go out with me, so we bought and placed a double ladder stand for him. Santa also seemed to kick in as he received a mail package with camo gear and a harness early from the North Pole.

I had noticed that more does were in our woods lately, so I figured I would take him out to see some deer and hopefully get a shot on a doe without him moving too much and scaring the deer away.

November 2, 2010.  I picked my son up from the school bus, which was actually on time. We quickly dressed and grabbed our gear and hurriedly walked to the double as the leaves crunched heavily under his shortened stride.  We arrived at the stand at approximately 4:05 and climbed up.  I strapped him in and took off his fanny pack stuffed with all the necessities for deer hunting; Nintendo DS, Halloween candy, cheese sticks, and Capri Sun.  I gave him his game system and then raised my bow, knocked the arrow and placed it on the bow holder.  I then called a buddy of mine, who was also coming to the area, to see if he was in the stand yet. 

As we talked I looked for my shot bearings as we were sitting at the crest of a hill by a large oak overlooking a deep ravine.  The deer could come at us from the top or from the creek bottoms as various trails intersected the location. As I scanned the area back and forth, I caught sight of a deer coming from around the bend of the ravine. I quickly let Dawson know a deer was coming up. 

He looked over the shooting rail as I had draped my coat over it to conceal his movement.  He could not make the deer out.  As the deer came closer I nudged him again to no avail. He had gone back to the video game.  I grunted what was now observed to be the ten point buck with a doe grunt to which he had no response.  I quickly changed the grunt to the buck grunt to which he sharply turned and looked. He then turned straight away from me in the ravine and looked to almost want to walk up the hill away from me. 

I hit the grunt again and he thrashed a small tree.  I then knew he was going to come my way.  With bow readied, he came up the hill, quartering forward.  He then stopped partially up the hill and looked back to the corner of the ravine where he was first spotted and quartered towards it to look back at some other deer that were on the other side.  At that moment my sights aligned and the arrow flew true.  The buck kicked and ran down the ravine side and partially up the other where both of us watched as the deer tumbled sideways back to the bottom. 

Of course Dawson was eager to go and collect his trophy and tell all his friends.  He did make one surprising statement though as I pulled the buck up the ravine with some slopes at about 50 degrees.

“Dad, you need to do more push-ups.”

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What an awesome story. Thanks for sharing it.

Posted by Jerry Smith on 11/04 at 01:36 AM

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