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Chad Foster’s most memorable trip

December 27, 2011

Illinois hunting and fishing

Trophy Tidbits

Scorable Points: 9

Kill Date: Oct 1, 2011

County: Washington

Season: Bow

My name is Chad Foster, and I wanted to send in this picture of the buck I kill on October 1, 2011.

This was a pretty special day for me in the woods: This was the first time my 7 year old son Carson sat in the treestand with me. He had sat in ground blinds with me before, but this year I decided to let him sit up in the tree. To kill this caliber of a deer on Carson’s first trip was awesome.

This is how our day went: I decided to pass on opening morning hunting because I wanted Carson to be awake and alert the whole time we were in the tree. My dad was supposed to go with me and Carson but ended up getting sick and wasn’t able to go. He was going to sit in the buddy stand with Carson. So, Saturday afternoon, Carson and I headed south from our home in Beckemeyer down to my uncle’s property south of Nashville in Washington County. We arrived in our buddy stand about 3:30 p.m. and got set up for the evening sit.

Carson is pretty good at sitting still for a little while, but like every young person, they do get inpatient, and by 5 p.m., he was starting to move around in the stand. We had not seen anything, so I told Carson we had about an hour yet before the deer would start moving. Luckily, I had Carson bring his Nintendo DS along so he got it out, turned the volume off and started playing with it. About 6 pm, I heard something walking towards us from behind the stand, I tapped Carson on the shoulder and whispered to him that I thought a deer was coming. Carson started giggling with excitement, and I kept telling to be quiet.

It turned out to only be an opossum, and it walked right under the stand. I told myself then that if deer showed up that night I wasn’t going to say anything to Carson until I at least got a shot off. So about 6:30 I had just happened to turn around and look behind me and I seen a rack coming our way. I just stood up grabbed my bow and got ready.

As the buck approached I could see three long tines on his right side, and I knew he was a pretty good buck.  At about 50 yards, the buck veered to the right and he started angling towards us, so I drew my bow as he went behind a tree and as he cleared the tree he walked straight to a sapling and began eating the leaves. I was not real sure of the yardage, so I put my 30-yard pin right behind his front shoulder and released the arrow. I watched as my red lumenok disappeared through his chest. The buck kicked and spun around and ran back the way he came from.

By then, Carson jumped up and asked if I shot a deer. I told I did and I pointed at the deer as it ran off. At that point Carson wanted to get down and go get him. I told him we had to wait a little while. It was a good thing I had him strapped to the tree, or he would of climbed down without me. We waited about 20 minutes, and we gathered all our stuff up and climbed down. We walked over to were the buck was standing and started looking for blood. We couldn’t find any blood at first, but then about five yards back there was blood splattered all over. We started following the blood trail up until we got to the creek that ran through the property, and I lost the blood sign.

By then it was starting to get dark and thought I should back out and go get some light and some help. Just at that moment, Carson said, Dad, there he is. I turned around and Carson was pointing at my lumenok laying down in the creek bed. I climbed down the bank and picked up my arrow and could see all kinds of blood in the creek bed and up the other side of the bank. I grabbed Carson and we crossed the creek and followed blood out to a shelled corn field. When we got to the field I saw the deer laying out in the field about 50 yards.

I told Carson to follow the blood so when we got about thirty yards from the deer. I told Carson that I think I see the buck laying in the field, so I pointed at it and he looked for a minute and said, No, Dad that’s not him, and he started following blood again. I let him go another 10 yards or so, and I told him again Carson I think that’s him so he stopped again and looked. This time his eyes were about the size of baseballs, and he had the biggest smile on his face and said, Dad, that is your deer. He immediately took off running at the deer, and when he got to him, he dropped down on his knees and picked up the head and began counting the points. He said, Dad he’s got nine points, the same as the one you got on the wall at home.

Well, after making a few phone calls for some help dragging him out, we got him loaded and headed home about 9 pm that night. We weighed him the next day and he field dressed out at 201 pounds. I have been bow hunting for 21 years and have killed a lot of deer with my bow, but that day was the best day I have ever had in the deer woods. I have a 5 year old daughter that I think will get into deer hunting also and, hopefully, I can share another day like that with her in the deer woods. 

Thank you for letting me share my story with all the other PSO readers. I hope other mothers and fathers and grandfathers can have a special day in the woods with their children. My dad would always take me with him hunting and as a kid I had so much respect for my dad that I’m trying to instill this into my children.  THANKS DAD!

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