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2010 First Shotgun Weekend

December 07, 2010

Illinois hunting and fishing

Trophy Tidbits

Scorable Points: 8 Pointer & Doe

Kill Date: Doe - Nov. 20, 2010 Buck - Nov. 21, 2010

County: Wayne County

Season: Shotgun

I went down south to hunt with my buddy Brent on his In-Laws property. I sat on the north end of the property to have some action from that stand all day Friday with only one small spike buck in shooting range. Brent’s wife told him that he should let me sit in the stand he was in due to having deer all over him all day Friday.

Brent killed a really nice Doe out of that stand Friday. We both sat in the same spots on Saturday morning with the same results as we had Friday. He asked if I wanted to swap him stands to see what happens for Saturday evening. I told him sure I will swap stands. We changed stands, and when I got into that stand, I just got settled in when I noticed a deer walking in from the North East. It was a doe, and she was looking around to see what was walking in the woods in her area. She came to 43 yards when I pulled the trigger! She ran 30 yards and then went down. The rest of the night I had 5 other does come in shooting range but let them all go due to looking for a buck for my other tag.

Now to Sunday morning. I got settled in the stand with about 20 minutes before it would get to shooting light. I had a deer walk right in front of me, but due to it still being dark out, I could not tell if it was a buck or doe. When it got light out I had two yearlings come in from the South. I was thinking of shooting one to get a head start of my 4-hour trip back home. The two yearlings came into 25 yards and bedded down. I then let them stay there bedded down for now. I was watching them, and then they both went to alert in their beds. I then looked in the direction that they were looking. They noticed 5 does walking about 150 yards out from the South East.

I then started thinking that this might work to my advantage having four extra eyes and ears. They stayed bedded for a good hour and got up every so often to stretch. I had a little doe come running by with a small little freak buck chasing her. I grunted at him to get him to stop. I stopped him in his tracks and then checked him out in my scope. I decided to pass on him due to him being a young deer. His left antler looked like a hand being palmated out, with 5 points that looked like fingers coming off the palmation. After they past, 20 minutes later the yearlings all of a sudden looked towards me with their ears at attention.

I did not move an inch thinking they saw me. Then I heard a stick snap to my left in the direction that they were looking at. I slowly turned my head and saw a nice buck walking away with a quartering away to the right angle. I then did not worry about the two yearlings. I stood up and grabbed my Remington 870 Express. It was happening so fast that I forgot to hit my safety when I pulled the trigger. So when I put the crosshairs in my scope on his vitals and pulled the trigger all I heard was “CLICK”! I then switched the safety to fire and dropped him right where he stood.

I was so excited due to this being the biggest buck that I have taken with my shotgun. It is my second largest buck that I have ever taken in my hunting career. I was really excited and could not wait to get down to go to him. I got down and started walking to him after 5 minutes due to seeing him roll over and expire. I sat there just looking at him for about 20 minutes and thanking the Lord for what he has given me. I then got a text from my buddy that read “Was that you?” after he heard the boom through the woods. I texted him back and said “Yes and I have a nice buck on the ground!”

This was the first time that I have ever tagged out during shotgun season and was very happy with my big doe and my 8 point buck! I had to say thanks to my buddies wife for telling him that we should switch spots after he killed that doe. So I said thanks to her and a thanks to my buddy for swapping me spots. I dont think I could ask for anything more to change that weekend to be any better. It is a weekend that I will never forget. Thanks to Brent and his whole family for the wonderful time I had down there and for hunting on their property.

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