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Marc Anthony of Goodfield owns and operates Look Alive Taxidermy and Non Typical Hunter magazine. Anthony grew up in central Illinois and spent eight years as a commercial pilot before giving that up to spend more time with his wife Jan and three children, Victoria, Drake and Elesa. Anthony hunted on and off as a child but started seriously at age 30 and focuses on bowhunting for deer and turkeys. He's arrowed four bucks that meet the Boone and Crockett Club (net) standards and 20 Pope and Young Club qualifiers. Anthony is on the Pro Staff for Muzzy broadheads, Bear Archery, Vital Gear, Natural Predator, Non Typical Hunter and several other companies. He also is a member of the Outdoor writers Association of America, OWAA.


Non-typical Hunter

A Web log by Marc Anthony

New website up and running

February 27, 2009 at 10:09 AM

Well, after a long several months of design, creating content and then putting it all together, Non Typical Hunter’s new website is now online. I’m particularly excited because I have some new Pro Staff individuals that are extremely talented and are eager to get to work. With a new staff, new website and an increase of clients coming to us for testing, It makes work exciting again.

For those of you that don’t really know us, NTH is a company that started out with a simple generic newsletter focusing on hunting strategies. From then we moved into product testing for manufacturers of hunting equipment. We now test these products and write about the results. This in turn promotes the product for the manufacturer (if the product is good) and gives the readers the heads-up on any new items coming out into the market for the following season. Our readers come from all over North America and are allowed to interact with our staff with any concerns/comments with regard to hunting strategies or hunting products. All of this is for free to both the reader and the manufacturer.

Our website was also very basic and generic but as we grew, we needed to change with the times. I’m now glad to have a professional looking website to coincide with our work. We now have added a “news” section where the reader can now leave comments, an upgraded “rackroom” a “beginning hunters” page and other interesting stuff. Because we uploaded the new site last night, we have not loaded everything as of yet. Eventually we will have educational and hunting videos, “how to” sections, the latest articles on new products in addition to some feature articles written about local and non local hunters. Because the site was just loaded last night, there is some “propagation” issues. What that means is you might still see the old site when clicking on the website link because it sometimes takes up to 48 hours for the new info to travel across the internet and “re-cache” or in layman terms, dump the memory and refresh. So if you happen to check out our new site and you get the old plain looking site with no flash animation on the home page, try again in a few minutes as it will bounce back and forth from old to new in the next day.

I am in the middle of heading over to the Deer Classic as I write, so I’ll be leaving here shortly. Jeff and I will be reporting live throughout the weekend with anything interesting. If you happen to go, please stop by the PSO booth # 801 and 802 and say “Hi”. If you want to check out NTH’s website, click here:

We hope to see you there!

Illinois hunting and fishing

What I want to see at the Classic.

February 24, 2009 at 01:29 PM

As previously mentioned, I love to go to the IL. Deer and Turkey Classic. I mentioned before, the wall of deer heads, the massive antlers and the wall full of turkeys ... turkeys?

This is the Deer and Turkey Classic right?  Where are the turkeys? I’m not talking about an occasional mounted turkey in someone’s booth, I’m referring to a wall full of mounted turkeys. Hey, turkeys are trophies too! Turkeys can be very tough to kill, especially if you have to talk to them in order to get your attention. Does anyone out there in cyber land enjoy hunting turkeys as much as I do?

I used to tell my buddies that I would rather hunt turkeys than to hunt deer. That’s not necessarily true today but I still enjoy the skill it takes to hunt down a really hard-to-get gobbler. I’ve even created some really tricky turkey techniques that I’ll share with you here on PSO next month, that really gets “em” in! The turkey is much more that just a dumb bird. It’s so smart, Benjamin Franklin wanted the wild turkey to become the nation’s symbol but it lost out to the Bald Eagle. If you’ve ever had the chance to spend time with a domestically raised wild turkey, I think you’ll be amazed on how smart they really are. FYI, I’m not talking about a table turkey, I mean a wild Eastern strain that has been raised domestically. They are absolutely incredible! When they’re in the wild, they’re even more brilliant. Yes, they get killed because they get stupid, but so does most of the other species of animals when they’re in mating mode. The wild turkey offers an incredible hunt, a great meal and a fabulous mount. Should the owners of the Deer and Turkey Classic push the “turkey” a bit more?

What are your thoughts? Does anyone out there enjoy hunting these animals as much as I do? Would you like to see more turkey mounts at the Deer and Turkey Classic? Does anyone even care??? :-(

Illinois hunting and fishing

Illinois hunting and fishing

Illinois hunting and fishing

Illinois hunting and fishing

Illinois hunting and fishing

Next week’s IL. Deer Classic

February 20, 2009 at 02:48 PM

It’s almost here again, the IL. Deer and Turkey Classic.

It was just a year ago when I saw several thousand people walk by our NTH booth, stop and ask questions, tell a few hunting fibs…I mean stories, etc. I can’t believe a year has gone by (and another hunting season). I always look forward in seeing Illinois’ finest heads hanging on those walls! What monsters!!! IL. really does have it all when it comes to whitetails, what a shame it would be to lose our quality herd to disease, politicians or just mismanagement. Anyway, not to sound like a downer, next week should be another great time.

Although I won’t be at the NTH booth (the NTH booth won’t be there this year), I will be at the PSO booth #801 and 802 with Jeff and the boys. Every year that I’ve had a booth at the Deer Classic, old friends stop by to shoot the breeze. I always see Ron Wilmore there primarily because he’s a scorer, Les Davenport & Tim Walmsley primarily because they’re addicted to whitetails and many other hunters I’ve had the pleasure to either hunt with or just share hunting stories with! This year it would be great to see some of the loyal PSO readers out there, so please stop by so I can place a face with a PSO screen name. Don’t worry, I won’t fling arrows at anyone whom I’ve disagreed with on any issues grin I’ll also hand out some NTH truck vinyl’s to anyone who wants them.

I’m going to bring a few heads also, one of them will be the Goliath head, a 410” monster that I mounted a couple of years ago. He’s a real show stopper, to say the least. I always hesitated in bringing him as he dwarfs my other heads and makes them look rather small. It’s a love - hate thing. ( I would have loved him even more if I’d had shot him).

So place the date on your calendar and stop by! Jeff may even hand out some PSO stuff, if not, I’ll give you some of that habanero jerky I wrote about last month.


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