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Illinois hunting and fishing

It looks like a cry for help.

It’s just a common carp lolling around in the shallows at Sangchris Lake Wednesday evening.

Sangchris is located on the border between Christian and Sangamon Counties, not far from Springfield or Taylorville.

But still, as hot and dry as it has been this summer, it’s hard not to feel sorry for the critters trying to make a living. So forgive me if that fin looks to me like the fish signaling to anyone willing to help out.

Illinois hunting and fishing

Fish, birds and wildlife all have had a tough time of it during the drought of 2012.

Water levels are down, and even the lotus plants, normally with floating leaves rooted to the bottom of the shallows, are growing on dry land this year.

Illinois hunting and fishing
An Eastern kingbird perches on a lotus leaf.

Illinois hunting and fishing
An American goldfinch forages at the water’s edge.

To launch a kayak Wednesday night, it was necessary to start a few yards from shore.

Fortunately, kayaks get along just fine in a few inches of water.

Illinois hunting and fishing

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