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Illinois Outdoors

This is the second installment of a photographic essay on plants entitled “Artistry and Adaptation.”

All of the photographs are of plants found easily in central Illinois. I believe it is important to include native biodiversity wherever possible. People often are unfamiliar with signature plants of the tallgrass prairie or of oak woodlands that were once common.

Illinois Outdoors

The Great Plains ladies tresses orchid flowers in early fall. This specimen was photographed on a central Illinois hill prairie. To separate it from a background of big bluestem grass, I used an old blue sweatshirt as a portable backdrop. The same technique was used for the photograph of Culver’s root at the top of this entry.

Illinois Outdoors

Sedges are notoriously difficult to identify, but are fascinating photographic studies. The center sedge is Gray’s sedge, with a frightening-looking seed head. In this case, a sheet of white paper or white foam core is used as a background. The idea ofusing a portable studio can produce clean, easy to read images. It also can help establish a style within a photo series or essay.

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