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Illinois Outdoors

  It’s an old story. The turkeys fly down from the roost and strut and feed just out of range.

  The story was the same Friday morning as I waited for turkeys with Springfield firefighter Gene Powell on property owned by his family in Cass County. Finally, we decided to try to hike along a creek and sneak up on them. But whenever we peeked over the rise, the turkeys had moved about the same distance further on.

  Gene never did get a shot, and I only got a few pictures from a distance.

  Walking back up the road to where his truck was parked, we saw the whole flock of 10 to 12 birds hanging out around his small cabin.

  “We should have just stayed in the truck and drank coffee,” Gene said with a laugh.

  Chalk it up to continuing education, turkey style.

Illinois Outdoors

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