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Long lens or wide angle?

October 27, 2010 at 08:27 AM

Illinois hunting and fishing

For wildlife photographers, the long telephoto lens is the normal lens for their cameras.

I fall into this group, with a 500mm lens with me at all times - just in case.

But sometimes, bringing the subject close through magnification lacks the feel of being there. There’s no substitute for physical closeness, whether you are working with people or wildlife.

Granted, the long lens lets me get a lot of work done without disturbing my subjects. I won’t be putting it aside anytime soon. But when it’s practical, the wide angle lens (or even a normal 50mm lens) will give your photos variety.

Consider the telephoto shot above and the wide angle shot below. Do they give slightly different feelings, even though the subject is the same?

It’s always worth the time to think about how we do things - and how we can sometimes do things differently.

And maybe even better.

Illinois hunting and fishing

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