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Winter fishing

March 01, 2010 at 08:38 AM

Illinois hunting and fishing

It’s common advice, but advice not always taken - don’t forget the camera.

When fishing slows down, I usually pull out the camera. This way, I never go home completely skunked.

Illinois hunting and fishing

These scenes were taken on Salt and Trail Creeks in Indiana on a late-winter steelhead fly-fishing trip with Josh Lantz and Adam Johnson. It’s a crap shoot in late winter. If the angler is lucky, the fish may have started spawning early. If not, the fishing can be tough. We hooked one nice fish, but lost it in a log jam.

But even if the fish failed to cooperate, the lake effect snow did. And any structure, like a large culvert, can create visual interest and combine with the snow for an interesting picture. Josh Lantz, a northern Indiana video editor and fishing guide, adds the human element to the scene.

Illinois hunting and fishing

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